Just How Dumb are Fake News Viewers?

A Spotlight on Dem-Wits in Society


­čö╣Believing you have the right to control other people’s lives.

­čö╣Believing you are so smart that you have the right to never hear other opinions.

­čö╣Believing that when you’re offended others have to care.

­čö╣Believing there are two sets of rules: one for you and one for everyone else.

In God We Trust

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  1. These memes really are too much. The one at the top, of the couple in masks, is the most stupid mask thing I’ve seen. Am surprised the cat wasn’t wearing one. The one of the lady on Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect depiction of Liberal Derangement Syndrome or Trump Derangement Syndrome, as Rush used to call it.

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