What Would Walt Disney Say About Those Ruining His Dynasty Today?

To many American families, The Walt Disney Company has “GROOMING” and “WOKE” image problems and it shows.

While consumer prices continue to skyrocket up under the Biden regime, it appears new data for Disney is disappointing.

Millions of fans are turning away.


The more woke and leftist they become, Walt Disney “must be rolling over in his grave” with the lower financials and attendance of the company he founded.

As of this writing, The Walt Disney Company has a 12-month low of $90.23 and a 12-month high of $179.25 on it’s stock.

A recent survey revealed 92.6% of the over 18,000 surveyed believed the cost of a Walt Disney World vacation is out of reach for an average family. 

This month KTLA News in the local Los Angeles area reported fans of the original “Happiest Place on Earth” are feeling a sense of loss….”The Magic’s Gone!”

Many travelers remain frustrated with challenges getting into their favorite park since Disney requires people to make advance reservations in addition to having tickets. The days of spontaneously visiting the theme parks are over it seems.

GROOMING and being WOKE are self induced problems Disney has created for themselves in their overt attempts at social engineering—like treating ethnic or sexual diversity as an opportunity for virtue signaling and political posturing.

It didn’t help that at the beginning of this month a rich but ungrateful Abigail Disney tore her great-uncle Walt Disney up for being “fascist” and stoking anti-Semitism and racism when he ran the company he co-founded with her grandfather Roy O. Disney.

NY POST readers grilled Abigail Disney

“He bordered on rabid fascism,” the 62-year-old heiress who suffers from drug addiction (with a long record of seeking on-and-off rehabilitation) said of Walt Disney.

🔹Disney World closed temporarily for Hurricane Ian this past month–the seventh closure in the park’s history. .

🔹In September 2017, the theme park closed for two full days because of Hurricane Irma and cost Disney World $100 million, the company disclosed.

🔹Disney World also closed early before Hurricane Dorian in September 2019.

🔹The longest shutdown in Disney World’s history was from the COVID-19 pandemic when the parks shut down for nearly four months in 2020. The closures walloped The Walt Disney Co.’s pocketbook, costing them billions as movie theaters, parks and cruises stopped abruptly.

The Walt Disney Company, together with its subsidiaries, operates as an entertainment company worldwide.

It operates through two segments, Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution; and Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.

The company engages in the film and episodic television content production and distribution activities, as well as operates television broadcast networks under the ABC, Disney, ESPN, Freeform, FX, Fox, National Geographic, and Star brands.

Its studios produce motion pictures under the Walt Disney Pictures, Twentieth Century Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Pixar, and Searchlight Pictures banners.

Disney enjoyed local government and sole control over the Reedy District for the last 55 years. It looks like now they will be sharing power with the state.  

Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Florida legislature is on track to create a successor agency that will lack some of the antiquated and unused powers of the original Reedy Creek district.

Disney tried to influence woke and social engineering with their 38 hired lobbyists.  

Disney has focused in recent months on repairing its damaged relations with LGBTQ organizations. Last week, the Human Rights Campaign announced that it had accepted a contribution from the company, six months after rejecting it. HRC said that Disney had “stood firm in their commitments to our community.”

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