After Media’s Treatment of Melania Trump Let’s Consider the First Ladies They Cherished

Mainstream media continues to be shamefully biased, fake and unprofessional–especially when it comes to the beautiful Melania Trump.

🔹Why did Vogue not want Mrs. Trump on the cover of their magazine while she was our First Lady?

🔹It was a dirty game of disrespect and media politics. 

🔹Five months into Joe Biden’s White House residency, Jill Biden appeared on the cover.

🔹Former First Lady Michelle Obama was on the cover three times.

🔹Hilary Clinton was on the cover during her time as the first lady.

🔹Vice President Kamala Harris was on the cover before even being sworn in.

🔹Has the FBI ever raided any First Lady’s bedroom in their history? Not until their perverted search of her clothes at Mar-a-Lago.

Now let’s take at least as charitable a look at the First Ladies who media kissed up to. This article features Michelle Obama. Right off the bat, can you see the difference?


Coming up next: Comparing Melania Trump vs. Jill Biden

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  1. Beehive Coffee Shop, in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Years ago, me and a friend of mine stopped-in for a trendy lunch. As we approached, a woman with an incredibly short dress is standing outside. In general, typically my weakness is seeing nice legs, but I happened to see her shoulders first. She was wearing a very low cut top, shoulders fully exposed. But her shoulders were straight across, muscular of sorts, I wasn’t about to risk looking anywhere else, and my concern paid off, it was a male wearing the dress. Alas, as we were approaching, my friend was uttering the things that guys say (bear in mind he was a nerdish engineer and I am a somewhat similar maintenance person, what was being said by him was not rude, more of a desirous nature). I’m sure the realization of the situation came as quite a shock to him.

    Michelle Obama is similar, an ersatz woman, either a male masquerading as one, or just a failed female.

    Joan Rivers: Obama è gay e Michelle un trans (video is in English)
    Literally Translated as: Joan Rivers: Obama is gay and Michelle a tranny

    And from a Blue Check-Mark Twitter Account of Malik Obama (Purportedly the Kenyan-American businessman and politician known for being the older half-brother of 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama):

    “And NO! I cannot confirm or deny the legend of BIG MIKE AKA Michael Lavaughn Robinson. Folks please don’t ask me that question again.”

    Link available on Request.

    Melania is dignified, intelligent, comports herself well. What a contrast.

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    • Malik Obama IS Barack’s half-brother and a Trump supporter, who ran Obama’s foundation and also claimed that Barack was born in Kenya. He was supposed to write a tell-all book, but that never materialized, so I figure Barack Obama paid him off.

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      • He made have paid him off, or pressured him off. And I’m not talking gentle pressure. Of course I’m not talking pressure directly connected to Obama, it would have been more vague but menacing.

        His statement about not confirming or denying Michelle is a male is sufficient for me. If I knew someone was a female, I’d state that the claims were preposterous regardless of my feelings about them. But then again, I try and be a decent person.

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