An Uncharitable Look at Jill Biden’s Media Fakery

Who can forget how spiteful the media, magazines and Hollywood treated Melania Trump as First Lady?

They seem to be trying hard to give Jill Biden a pass, but most Americans can see through the fakery.

A day in the life of being Jill Biden:

And Finally, Jill and Hunter

Coming Up: Jill Biden, First Lady of Tacos


In God We Trust

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  1. The WISH reference was hilarious (as were many other images/memes). But, until recently, I didn’t know what WISH was. To help others that may not know, I have included the video that edified my wife and I on the issue.

    There are a series of Scam Baiter Videos made by various people. Although I am not suggesting WISH is a scam, there appears to be facets of it that work for Scammers.

    Otherwise Scam Baiters occupy the time of Scam Call Centers, often in India or Nigeria. Scammers do Norton’s Scams, MS Windows Scams, Pornography found on the person’s computer scams. Items purchased on the person’s credit card Scams, and Drugs and Guns found in a Car Rented on their credit card Scams, and much more. The Scam Baiters do a useful service, but they also get paid for the videos they produce since people watch them.

    Kitboga, Scammer Payback, Rinoa Poison, and now this one, Pleasant Green.

    I’m Giving WISH.COM a Second Chance (Kind-of):


  2. Jill Biden has a Ph.D. in education. SHE IS NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR – but somehow, the liberal media lets people think she is. She strikes me as controlling, manipulative, and greedy. I’m sure she tells Joe every night what a good job he’s doing, and he eats it up like candy. If anybody is running the country, she is.

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