Monkey Pox Simply Explained So That Some CNN Viewers May Understand It

Monkeypox is a rare, usually mild infection, typically caught from infected wild animals in parts of Africa. It was first discovered in 1958 when two outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in colonies of monkeys kept for research, hence the name ‘monkeypox.’

The first human case of monkeypox was recorded in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo during a period of intensified effort to eliminate smallpox. Since then, monkeypox has been reported in humans in other central and western African countries. More recently, the same purveyors of the COVID-19 pandemic (Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Government, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization…) are pursuing another run of propaganda for profit and control.


Monkeypox typically begins with a flu-like illness. It usually takes between five to 21 days for the first symptoms to appear, if someone gets infected with monkeypox. Symptoms of this disease usually include a fever, a headache, muscle aches, backache, swollen glands, shivering and exhaustion.

After the appearance of fever, within 1 to 3 days or sometimes even longer than that, the patient develops a rash, often beginning on the face and then spreading to other parts of the body.

2017 vs 2022?

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  1. Of course, I’m not a Doctor, the Screen Name is a Character in a 2001 Movie.

    Nevertheless, I read medical literature. At this point, I’m of the opinion that Monkey Pox is indeed the shingles that is a side effect, either at or near the time of vaccination, or occurring later.

    Sudden adult deaths are being described as coming from Coffee, Climate Change, anything other than the vaccine. That is just as suspicious.

    Something is amiss, due to the lack of management of the pandemic in a way commensurate with the threat and in accord with Constitutional Rights. Many people have failed Humankind, it’s time they account for their failure and they start trying to correct things.

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