Biden Stumbles Answering About Food Shortages and Farming Regulations

In September 2020, Joe Biden came out of his basement to be at a CNN town hall in Moosic, Pa. right before the infamous stolen presidential election.

One of the citizens in the audience began her question to Biden by noting the tremendous burden the Obama administration placed on farms through overregulation. She then asked, “How do you plan to decrease the regulatory burden for farmers and businesses as a whole?”

This was Biden’s actual answer:

Two ways. Number one: Provide for your ability to make a lot more money as farmers by dealing with you being able to put land in land banks and you get paid to do that to provide for more open space and provide for the ability of you to be able to be in a position that we are going to pay you for planting certain crops that in fact absorb carbon from the air.

That is part of what the plan relates to in terms of agriculture and the environment. But as it relates to — if you are talking about regulation as it relates to fertilizer and water tables, that’s a different thing.

In the United States, in my state of Delaware, we have a $4 billion industry — chickens. And poultry. And all the manure, quite frankly, that is a consequence of chickens and so it is polluting the Chesapeake Bay. What we’ve found out, we invested a lot of money and found out you can pelletize this and take out the methane so you are in a position where you can use that fertilizer without the damage that was being done before.

The same way with horse manure and cow manure and pig manure. And we can create thousands of jobs in rural America as a consequence of setting up these small industries within communities.

And so that’s the way you’ll be able to continue to farm without worrying about whether or not you’re polluting and being in a position where you’re able to make money by what you do in the transition as well be able to grow more.

The town hall audience, and likely as well for anyone following along on television or radio, began tuning out as Biden rambled…and never missed the fact he forgot his second part.

Not long ago, just after attending NATO and G7 leadership conferences, Biden actually told the world “with regard to food shortages, yes we did talk about food shortages. And it’s going to be real.”

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  1. What is the executive branch doing regulating anything in the realm of farming, especially natural products of farming.

    Do the farm payments give the executive branch this right? Just like school payments? ..

    Executive branch needs to get out if the way and let people live! Let communities thrive! Families and communities need to be free of the federal executive branch

    Executive branch needs to focus on equal justice for all, secure boarders, enforce laws. That is it!

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