How Much Effect Does Indoctrination Have on Patriotism?

Just before the July 4th weekend in 2022, a new Gallup poll revealed results showing how university and public education students feel about America.

Coupled with previous surveys, liberal American students are more apt to not be as patriotic.

🔹58% of Republicans said they are “extremely proud” to be American.

🔹34% of independents said they are “extremely proud” to be American.

🔹26% of Democrats said they are “extremely proud” to be American.

In 2021, it was:

🔹87% of Republicans

🔹65% of independents

🔹62% of Democrats

In a separate nationwide June 2022 survey of 2,000 college students, 76% of self-identified conservative undergraduates felt “proud to be an American,” while 40% of liberals felt likewise.

A December 2020 study from the nonpartisan More in Common, found that 34% of self-identified “progressive activists” and 51% of Generation Z were proud to be Americans.

A July 2018 Gallup poll revealed that just 23% of liberals were “extremely proud” to be Americans, compared with 65% of conservatives.

In a June 24, 2022 survey of 1,024 middle school and high school students, conducted digitally by the homework learning platform Brainly for The Washington Times, 53.9% of students said they had learned about the Fourth of July in school and 33.1% said they hadn’t. The remainder skipped the question.



The latest study shows that out of 7,243 professors at America’s top 40 colleges, 3,623 professors are registered Democrats (50.02%), whereas just 314 are registered Republicans (8.67%). This means that Democrat professors at America’s top colleges outnumber Republican professors by a ratio of nearly 12:1. 

“Indoctrination is especially prevalent on college and university campuses, and typically in classes where it is not usually expected,” Conservapedia observes. “While it is common knowledge that many degree studies are full of indoctrination, such as teaching classes, less widely known is that indoctrination exists pretty much across the board up to and including per-requisite classes.”

“Texas State University has placed job openings seeking math professors committed to social justice. No field of study goes unnoticed, even engineering students get stuck with some indoctrination in “sustainable engineering” courses.”

Last semester, a social science teacher at Whitney High School in California,  included a question in a multiple-choice exam asking students to identify “A group of complete idiots.” The possible answers given were: “KKK,” “all of Florida,” “Fox News,” or “Texans.” For what valuable purpose would a teacher place this on student’s test? Here is a screenshot:

Beginning in kindergarten and continuing through the 12th grade, students are indoctrinated with critical race theory, gender confusion, no prayers and other social engineering.


Hollywood, a huge influence for liberal and socialism causes, is now deeply dependant on Chinese financing, censorship and indoctrination schemes.


Liberal businesses and public education promote picture books like Heather Has Two Mommies and Why Mommy is a Democrat explicitly promote the homosexual agenda and characterize Republicans as unequivocally bad.


The corruption in politics has been exposed even more so since the fraudulent 2020 Election and dishonest practices by mainstream and social medias.

Americans are aware, after the Deep State tactics of the January 6, 2021 proclaimed “insurrection” through the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) witchhunt committee spectacle.


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  1. “The road to hell is paved with Ivy League degrees.”

    –Thomas Sowell

    “Education doesn’t make you smarter.”

    –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    “They lived in these socialist communes called universities.”

    –Dinesh D’Souza

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  2. Good post, Jack! But concerning. We will have another generation of dangerous kids in 10-20 years. Lord, for this crap to go on another 20 years is just unthinkable. We’re already seeing that some young people are so dangerous and reprobate that you can’t teach them. They’re impossible to teach. So, what’s left to do about them and keep them from harming and killing others, and destroying our country? I’ll let you use your imagination.


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