Next Big Supreme Court Decision Could Affect Presidential Elections

Words out of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s mouth are good litmus tests to be very cautious about any issue she supports or rejects.

AOC has called the Supreme Court’s next monumental decision, scheduled in October 2022, “a judicial coup in progress.”

“If the President and Congress do not restrain the Court now, the Court is signaling they will come for the Presidential election next,” AOC, a radical leftist New York Democrat tweeted. “All our leaders — regardless of party — must recognize this Constitutional crisis for what it is.”

AOC is concerned about a North Carolina case, Moore vs. Harper because it could halt some significant election cheating.

One of the most important decisions to be made is regarding “independent state doctrine” theory. It also concerns gerrymandering and voting districts.

Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch dissented in the SCOTUS denial to GOP state legislatures’ February emergency appeal to halt North Carolina’s state courts ordering a redrawing of the voting map.

In their dissent, the three justices wrote that the independent state legislature doctrine was an important question for the court to resolve. 

Justice Gorsuch described, in a 2020 concurring opinion in a case concerning the deadline for casting mail-in ballots in Wisconsin, “the Constitution provides that state legislatures — not federal judges, not state judges, not state governors, not other state officials — bear primary responsibility for setting election rules.”

The case originated when a group of George Soros-related non-profit organizations, including far left Democratic Party-affiliated voters challenged the voter map in state court. They alleged that the new map was a partisan gerrymander that violated the state constitution.

On February 14, 2022, the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled that the state could not use the map in the 2022 elections and remanded the case to the trial court for further proceedings. The trial court adopted a new congressional map drawn by their own three court-appointed “experts.”

On a related case, Timothy K. Moore, the Speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, filed for a writ of certiorari — a request that the Supreme Court review the case. This could overturn the state court’s earlier decision.

The review was granted on June 30 with the case to also be heard in the Supreme Court session this October. 

The “independent state legislature doctrine,” suggests that, under the Constitution’s election clause, “only the legislature has the power to regulate federal elections, without interference from state courts.” 


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  1. Jack, I doubt AOC has a grasp on what that law would do. This is a moronic woman with a less than 400 credit score and a degree awarded because of her ethnicity. She is as dangerous as a blind man with a shotgun. I can only hope that ill-harm comes her way soon and when it does, she will be in the close company of Nancy and her squad of little demons. Can Biden overturn the Supreme Court? I doubt it, but he will try. I applaud Abbott for his stance on the border the past few days, but does he, and the state of Texas have the cajones to see it through?

    Liked by 2 people

      • I hear that brother. I come from a long line of slightly misguided and misinformed Texans. My great grandfather, a farmer in the valley that grew acres of waterelons and gave orders to a few hundred Mexicans that worked his field. He viewed himself as the reinarnation of Davey Crockett and believed Texas should be it’s own country. The rest of the clan followed his lead and carried the notion on into the late 1950s. They were neither Democrat or Republican but more of a Repulicrat, taking the best, and most of the worst from each party. Thanks to Amon Carter, Fortworthians, including our large family, harbored a deep disdain for all things Dallas. The word was not to be spoken in our household in fear of swift and pure punishment. I was 10 before I saw the city with the Red Horse on the building. The State Fair was a far-off place akin to Oz, but we had the Fat Stock Show and real cowboys, so that made us the town where the west began, and Dallas was the place were the east “petered out.” I might have gotten a bit off-track, here.

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