Do Majority of Americans Believe Hillary Clinton Should Be In Prison?

Other than Nancy Pelosi, the most despised woman in the United States is Hillary Clinton. Various surveys place these two politicans in the top of ‘Most Dishonest” and “”Most Hated” lists by Americans.

Only Joe Biden has surpassed the number of bashing memes earned on social media. Hillary was clearly #1 for years.

Among the reasons Hillary could never win an election without election tampering, ballot harvesting and fraudulent voter cheating, are these:

🔹As Secretary of State, she left four Americans, including her Ambassador, to die in Benghazi.

🔹She illegally deleted 33,000+ emails after a subpoena.

🔹She stole billions of dollars from Haiti.

🔹She sold Russia our uranium.

🔹She paid for the spying, lying and made up false dossier against President Trump.


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  1. Does the Majority of people world wide think that the Hillary should be in Jail.

    Yes, (or yes in some other languages):
    a, ano, ayo, bai, da, diakh, dy, ee, hā, hai, hām̐, hə/hæ, igen, iya, ja, já, jes, jah, ken, kyllä, muaj, naäam, nih, oho, oui, po, repons lan se wi, sea, si, sì, shì de, ya, ναί.

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  2. It is not a question should Hillary be in prison? rather it should be, why isn’t she in prison”? Bill and Hillary are the modern-day criminal duo of Bonnie and Clyde. I don’t have to tell anyone how much she has lied to the people of America, serving in the various democrat administrations, nor how she has deceived the American people with her lies with the Clinton Foundation and Haiti and brazenly arrogantly lying to the Benghazi investigating committee, and the FBI about the Russian Collusion. Of course, we know “Slick Willey” is no angel when it comes to lying not only as a governor of Arkansas, but as the head of our country concerning his immoral issues. with knocking up different women, and then??
    They both have been as reckless as Bonnie and Clyde throwing their criminal deeds in our face, and laughing about it. And Hillary saying that “no one is above the law”, when it comes to punishing Trump and the Republicans for whatever deeds. They are the most hypocritical persons in America, next to the democrats who have no principles nor morals.

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