What Happened to ‘In God We Trust’ on 2022 American Quarters?

Historically, United States quarters show the head of George Washington facing towards IN GOD WE TRUST.

Why do new 2022 quarters depict America’s first president with his back to IN GOD WE TRUST?

America needs every head (on everything and everyone) to be turned towards God, now more than ever!

What Were George Washington’s Thoughts On God?

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  1. From: The Free Dictionary by Farlex

    turn (one’s) back

    1. Literally, to turn so that one is facing away (from someone or something).

    2. To ignore, abandon, or disregard (someone or something).

    It appears the change is obvious. Govt workers are truly sick.

    This is a new video trailer. I’m buying the video if possible. It’s on Daily Wire, but you have to Download the App and be a subscriber, as far as what my wife read.

    This may be offensive to some, the movie, but the trailer is tame, basically. These are the kind of people that are running govt. My local NOAA Weather Transmitter has been down for almost 2 months, but I do know the pronouns used by one National Weather Service supervisor. Dear Lord, why would that be in an Official Email? These kind of people are trying to eliminate God mentioned on the currency. This is the 1st step. Liberals are actually, and factually, insane.


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    • DEMONRATS and REPTILITANS both kinda suck, theres a movement in the rep party ATM but i belive it needs to go independant becuase they BOTH SUCK! democrats suck more RN but ever 10 20 years it changes, what if andrew jackson was running and wanted tokill the bank again?

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  2. So I saw this and as intended it raised an alarm, then I reached into my pocket and pulled out the 3 quarters I had in my pocket. They were dated 1981, 2015, and 2022. The 1981 (an Eagle back coin) has In God We Trust on the left in front of Washington. The 2015 (a State Coin) has Liberty in front of Washington and United States of America over his head. In God We Trust is behind Washington on the right. The 2022 shows Washington now looking to the right (perhaps a good sign?) with the year under his chin, and In God We Trust on the left. Is there intended symbolism in this? I don’t know. If there is, then what’s up with Washington’s new hair style?

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    • I knew there are several years with the motto facing away. The real intent is:
      1. Have the unaware know a bit about history, Washington and our American heritage.
      2. Have Americans think about God.
      3. Have some think for themselves rather than what they’ve been indoctrinated to believe.

      Thank you so very much for your comment. It made my day. We certainly appreciate your readership.

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      • Well Bravo! It put my eyes back on a childhood hobby. Thank you. But this has also has given me a fun conversation starter.. “hey, have you seen the new 2022 quarters?” (Then I show mine) “George Washington has a new doo! In addition to that, he has decided it was time to look to the Right for 2022” My conservative friends love this, it’s clearly a sign, an omen. ☺️

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  3. Wow! I never noticed it until you mentioned it, Jack! I just grabbed my purse and took out some quarters and yep, the new 2022 quarters do have “In God We Trust” behind George Washington! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that! How symbolic! The Demonic Satanist Globalists are known for symbols! The crap they pull makes me ill!

    Thank you so much for this post, Jack!


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