Don Jr. vs. Hunter: Social Media Wars

In June 2020, fake news anchorman Brian Stelter of CNN took a swipe at Donald Trump, Jr. on Twitter.

“Try to imagine one of Biden’s kids talking about “making conservatives cry again,” Stelter tweeted. “Real quote from Don Jr. last night: By voting, “we cannot only keep making America great again, but we can make liberals cry again!””

Trump Jr. didn’t hesitate to respond with a quick tweet of his own.

“Try to imagine one of the Trump kids dropping the n-word,” he replied. “Real quote from Hunter: “n***a you better not be charging me Hennessey rates.””

Trump Jr. included the hashtag “#RacistHunter.”

Stelter, CNN, and other mainstream media attempted to ignore or downplay the Twitter exchange, but it was too late. The tweets went into viral mode and were seen around the world by tens of thousands.

The reason for no media comebacks was because one of their own, The New York Times, actually reported on Hunter Biden’s racism:

Although corporate media, including social media, went into their default mode of burying or placing the information far down internet pages and searches, the story exploded. No matter how much the far-left tried to propagandize it, the outcome remained virtually the same. Trump Jr. scored knocks while Biden hit the floor.



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