Liberals Have Some Explaining to Do

The world is still waiting for liberals to explain…

🔹Where the flu went in 2020.

🔹Why the global death count didn’t change in 2020.

🔹Why Covid didn’t wipe out the homeless population (no masks or homes to be locked down in).

🔹Why billions of healthy people were quarantined for the first time in history.

🔹Why Covid avoided Africa.

🔹Why Covid avoided places that didn’t lockdown.

🔹Why a piece of fruit and a goat tested positive.

🔹Why the majority of positive cases at the beginning of the pandemic were people who hadn’t left their homes.

🔹Why Covid was the first virus in history where the majority of people who supposedly had it were “asymptomatic.”

🔹Why lockdowns did NOTHING to slow the spread.

🔹Why the vaccines did NOTHING to slow the spread.

🔹Why we’ve seen an 1,100% spike in myocarditis in children.

🔹Why football stadiums were filled with maskless people while our children were muzzled in the classroom.

🔹Why the Mainstream Media doesn’t cover the millions of adverse reactions and tens of thousands of deaths reported to VAERS.

🔹Why the violent riots of 2020 weren’t “super spreader events.”


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  1. I am convinced that the vaccine will cause widespread issues, has caused much harm, many disabilities, and I think that there will be sterility. The sterility explains the focus on vaccinating kids that seldom have serious reactions to covid itself, had more serious cases with the flu, including death, yet mitigation of the flu was never attempted with children insofar as masking and social distancing in school. If many kids are vaccinated, and become sterile, they will blame Asymptomatic covid as the cause of the sterility, but if substantial numbers of children are not vaccinated, and remain fertile as adults, the vaccine will clearly be implicated.

    My son and his wife had covid, later in 2020. They have 2 small children, and neither manifested signs of being ill.

    This article on Clever Journeys has me wondering about Vitamin D:

    Smart Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    Years ago, developing SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the Winter, I started taking 2000 IU Vitamin of D3 year round. It resolved the SAD. After reading the Clever Journeys Article, I looked up Vitamin D, and found that obese people (and children) tend to have lower Vitamin D Levels. It appears to be stored or bound to Fat. So that if one is obese, they may not have the Vitamin D needed to fight certain infections. I cannot say it works on covid, I don’t know, but it is part of the Immune Response to covid. Obese people, children and adults, were identified as being more at risk from covid, and I have to wonder if low Vitamin D Levels are involved. This would also apply to those in Nursing Homes as well.

    I take medication that reduces the level of Vitamin D as an undesired Side Effect. So, periodically I have my Vitamin D Level checked. Last time it was 27 ng/ml. 30 is the new standard for the lower end, and I’m just under that. My Doctor feels that 27 is fine, I agree, and the old lower end was 20 ng/ml, I’m well above that.

    This, exercise, and proper nutrition, should have been advocated by the govt, but that seems to be lacking. As Doctor McCullough said it’s never been about covid, it’s always been about the vaccine, and that has me worried.

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