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We appreciate the numerous responses we field from Clever Journeys readers around the world.

Through Gab, Gettr, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media (currently censored by Facebook), we strive to provide common sense, truth, simplicity, help, encouragement and good values. Because of the volume of emails, messages and correspondence we receive, we regret we are not able to reply to everyone. Here are some of our more recent feedback:

On Our Watch

I’m not politically correct and don’t care to be. I’m not perfect and unable to walk on water.

We let this happen on our watch! Lord forgive our slumber. We are awake now. We get it. Show us how. We return to you. We want to be right again.”

Cell Phone Tracking

Honoring Our Police

Fearing Facebook

Arizona Election Fraud

Dancing Monkey Biden

Disney Groomers

RINO Ridding?

Address Voter Fraud


Clever vs. Cleaver


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  1. On “cell phone tracking,” the system supposes that one keeps the phone with them at all times. However, as for myself, I cannot hear the phone (even with earbuds in) when I go walking due to the traffic and over-sized tires on the roads where I walk. Therefore, no phone.

    Likewise, there is no reason to take my phone into church; therefore, I turn it off before leaving home and leave it under my seat in my car. Hence, there are hours out of every week that I go untracked.

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    • Can You Track Switched Off Phones? Apparently, NSA Can!
      Wanna track switched-off phones? Not so fast!

      Another site has a different opinion, feeling that a Phone that is Turned-Off Can’t be Tracked, but end their article with:
      “As far as anyone can tell, the NSA can’t actually track phones when they’re turned off, but the fact that we can’t know for sure is alarming.”

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      • About 7 years ago, I had a very reliable source insist we leave our phones away when we met. This person indicated they are traceable. Ever since, when I meet with any source dealing with sensitive information, we don’t bring phones.

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        • In the Mill, I just explained in another Reply on your Blog on the Food Processing Companies issues, I mentioned that we used Radios. Radios had this magical way of accidentally being Keyed when someone was saying something that could get them in trouble. People have bent over and keyed the radio, and were talking about Insensitive Things, a good coworker would key their radio over it to lessen the damage.

          But one department, at the community table (3 chairs), EVERYONE had to put their Radios on the Table in Clear Sight before conversations would begin. There might be more than 3, some might be standing, but all radios on the table. That stopped that accidental keying. LOL.

          Mistrust of Phones is a smart idea. Snowden, now in Russia, removes the Camera and Microphone from his Cellphones even in Russia. He carries a Plug-In Microphone, and uses that to make or receive calls, otherwise, no one can see, no one can listen.

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