The Obama-Biden Biggest Lie About IRS Targeting Conservatives

Friday afternoons are favorable days for weasels in government to release unfavorable news. It was on Friday, May 10, 2013, a few days before Barack Obama told one of his biggest lies to America, that Lois Lerner admitted publically that her IRS unit had spent three years targeting, harassing and silencing conservative groups across America.

Lerner selected a low level meeting with little fanfare to admit and attempt to dismiss the Obama Administration’s illegal activities by blaming them on a little slip up from some “line people in Cincinnati.”

But not to worry, Lerner said, they had simply “centralized” and delayed tax-exempt applications in a way that was “wrong.” They also sent out some letters that “were far too broad,” asking questions that “weren’t really necessary.”

Fortunately for the people of Ametica, boasted Lerner, the Washington IRS office was at their service to make it all better.

But something was amiss despite the lack of mainstream news coverage.

Obama-Biden Administration were outraged at Supreme Court

Media pundits were eager to spend their coverage on how Obama blasted the Supreme Court’s decision on the recent Citizens United case.

Obama and Joe Biden were furious that the Court decided in favor of speech rights.

The Democratic Party and its media puppets had devoted substantial effort in preaching to citizens about the evils of “conservative nonprofits,” but their propaganda didn’t pass the Constitution litmus test.

The very active Tea Party was seen as a serious threat to the Obama-George Soros plan to target conservatives illegally. The Tea Party was growing as their endorsed candidates were winning key elections.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) realized what Obama and his administration, including Lerner, were doing was far worse than he imagined.

“There’s plenty to be unhappy about with government. But this—this is the most fundamental right we have,” Jordan said.

“I don’t mean for this to sound apple pie, but this is the First Amendment—it is freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association. But of all those, the one the Founders stressed most was freedom of speech—and of that, political speech is the most important. It’s your most fundamental right to criticize your government. It does not get more basic than that.”

Rep. Jordan

While Lerner was admitting to the direct targeting of Tea Party and other conservative entities by the IRS, “a lot of Washington was wrapping its head around the fact that this had happened,” Jordan recalled. “But I’d already had all this interaction. So I was sitting in Ohio thinking, ‘They lied about this.’ And I thought, ‘Game on.’”

America was so outraged that even some (too many for Obama’s comfort) Democrats and media types began expressing disenchantment.

Backed up into a corner, Obama began publically condemning the actions that he supported.

“What the IRS did was inexcusable,” he stated. “My administration will work hand in hand with Congress” to investigate, after all, he had heard about this travesty as everyone else has “on the news.”

Popular meme of a repeating false alibi

Democrats, including Chuck Schumer, Jeff Merkley, Max Baucus, Jean Shaheen and others appeared before news cameras proclaiming how “outrageous” and “unacceptable” the actions of the IRS were.

The dishonesty snowballed:

🔹Four days after the Lerner event, the Justice Department unveiled a criminal investigation.

🔹Five days after the event, the IRS announced that Miller was on his way out as acting commissioner.

🔹Six days after the event, Obama appointed Office of Management and Budget controller Danny Werfel to lead the IRS, promising he’d “restore confidence and trust.”

🔹Ten days after the scandal broke, Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney marked it all down to “line employees at the IRS who improperly targeted conservative groups.”

🔹Thirteen days after the event, Lerner was placed on administrative leave, having refused to testify before Congress or retire.

The Tonight Show even commented

“And yet it was all a sham,” wrote Kimberly Strassel, in her shocking and informative 2017 book, The Intimidation Game: How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech. “…from the moment the scandal broke, the IRS and White House were spinning a yarn—setting a false narrative and minimizing the misdeeds.”

“Just one week after Lerner’s confession, Washington Democratic representative Jim McDermott used his opening statement at a Ways and Means hearing to declare, ‘There is a difference between stupid mistakes and malicious mistakes,’ and all that had happened at the IRS was that a ‘small group of people in the Cincinnati office screwed up..’”

Popular 2014 meme

“Of course, even this Democratic telling of the scandal should have caused alarm. The idea that some “rogue” agents in Cincinnati could silence the speech of tens of thousands of Americans—and nobody noticed—is a damning criticism in and of itself.”

Strassel revealed that mainstream media, with the Obama Administration and some in the Legislative branch of government, lied to America with millions convinced:

🔹That the United States had confusing tax-exempt laws (FALSE);

🔹That a flood of social-welfare and charitable applications overwhelmed that system (FALSE);

🔹That “low-level” and “rogue” agents had stepped out of bounds (FALSE);

🔹That even liberal groups had been swept up in the harassment (definitely not true).

“It would take Jordan and other congressional investigators close to two years to unravel what had really happened,” Strassel wrote. “By then, not a lot of Americans were paying attention anymore.”

Popular memes 2014-2017
Democrats favorite buzz word: ‘GLITCH’

Tyranny Speech

They knew exactly what they were doing
Despite Media help, the poll numbers were not good for the Obama-Biden White House

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    Lois Lerner tries busting into neighbor’s home to evade questions

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