Quotes From Ron DeSantis’ 2022 CPAC Speech

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis told the enthusiastic Orlando crowd on the opening day of the 2022  Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) America must put on a “full armor of God” as he focused on making 2022 “the year that America fought back” against the “woke” Left.

Here are highlighted parts of his 20 minute speech at the largest and oldest gathering of American conservatives.

“Florida led when it counted. We led early on when the weight of the world was bearing down on our shoulders. We understand what it means to be a leader. Not just be a politician that twists in the wind but be willing to make tough decisions.”

Faucian Dystopia

“Florida has defeated Faucism. Freedom has prevailed in the Sunshine State.”

People are coming to live or visit Florida “not just because we have lower taxes, because we’ve always had lower taxes. These are people who are fleeing leftist governments in this country.”

“And why do even these biggest critics and lockdowners come to Florida? Well, I think it’s simple. From the very beginning, we refused to let this state descend into some kind of Faucian dystopia where people’s freedoms are curtailed and their livelihoods are destroyed.”

“They criticized Florida, and the first chance they get, what do they do? They escape to freedom in the state of Florida.”

These are “politicians who lock down their own people.”

Let’s Go Brandon

“There is no substitute for the courage to stand in the way of the Brandon administration. The inflation is because of his policies, and we’re not going to let him forget that.”

“Yes we’re against CRT but what are we for? I’m for the Constitution, I’m for the Bill of Rights, we need to have our young people understand what that means.” 

If the Woke Left “had just elected a couple more U.S. Senators…They were going to pack the U.S. Supreme Court. They were going to make D.C. a state so they would have two radical, left-wing Democrat senators for life.”

“They were going to abolish the electoral college so California could … elect the president, and they wanted to federalize fraudulent ballot practices.”

DeSantis argued that Democrats’ congressional ambitions attempt to “marginalize the conservative half of the country” so they would become “powerless” to fight back against their “ideological aims.”

The Left’s Woke Religion

“The woke is the new religion of the Left, and this is what they have in mind. That’s why they want CRT [critical race theory] because they want to divide the country. That’s why they remove statues of Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, take George Washington’s name off schools. Because they want to erase that history.”

“They want to delegitimize our founding institutions and they want to replace that with their left-wing ideology as the foundational principles of our modern-day society.”

“No, in Florida you’re not getting a slap on the wrist you’re getting the inside of a jail cell. We are a law and order state in the state of Florida. We reject weak-on-crime policies. We reject Soros prosecutors.”

“We’re not going to let our young girls, women athletes have opportunities denied to them because of ideology and political correctness.”

“We are in the process of getting money from the legislature so that if Biden is dumping illegal aliens in Florida from the southern border, I’m rerouting them to Delaware. We’ll do some in DC and Hollywood as well.”

Protect Freedoms

“The job of the statesman is not to subcontract out your policy to help bureaucrats. … The job of the statesman is to lead, to take all the interest in society, and make sure you’re doing what’s in the public good. So many governors over the last two years would simply defer to help bureaucrats because it was a safe thing to do politically.”

“My job is to stand up and protect the freedoms and the jobs of the people I represent and if that puts me in political jeopardy then so be it,”

“Had Florida not led the way, this country could look like Canada or Australia. We sometimes take freedom for granted, you should not do that after the last two years.”

Popular Gavin vs. DeSantis meme

Biden is “…always criticizing us, always trying to take pot shots at Florida…He doesn’t like Florida, and he doesn’t like me because we stand up to him.”

“Woke is the new religion of the left… a form of Marxism…Legacy media is not in the business of telling the truth… Big Tech is now the No. 1 institution of censorship.”

Woke Biden His Time

“We stand up against the weak-on-crime policies that are ravaging cities across the country…this is not going to be like Portland. … In Florida, you are not getting a slap on the wrist, you are getting the inside of a jail cell.”

“Because we will not spend taxpayer money to teach our kids to hate America or to hate each other, we have banned CRT in K through 12 education.”

“But I can tell you there’s one fella that just hates Florida. His name is Joe Biden…He’s always criticizing us. Always trying to take potshots at Florida. He does things like take our medication. He stiffs storm victims of relief because he doesn’t like the governor. He doesn’t like Florida. And he doesn’t like me because we stand up to him…He’s had the worst first year of any president since the 1800s.”

“We protected people’s rights, we protected people’s jobs, and made sure every kid in the state of Florida had an opportunity to go to school in person five days a week. Freedom has prevailed in the Sunshine State.” 

“The left does not want to honor our freedoms. We have the responsibility to fight back on all fronts.”


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