Censorship Peaks on Facebook, Other Big Tech Sites

We have been censored by all the Big Internet Social Media sites so many times for such ridiculous reasons.

CleverJourneys is not allowed on Facebook. Many have told us when they attempt to share one of our articles, it is prohibited.

Some of the posts that have been idiotically censored, warned or Facebook jailed for include these:

You can read LINCOLN KENNEDY SIMILARITIES AND COINCIDENCES REVISTED and tell us why you think it was censored.

It’s true. Facebook actually prohibited me–absolutely took my freedom of expression away–because I posted a cornbread recipe.

Oh, but that’s not all. They did it again because I posted about rock n’ roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis too. That was a separate article.

I’m beginning to think they have something against the word “balls.”

Now, I can’t think of too many reasons to be offended about using “balls” in a sentence, but it’s the only common denominator of three of my banned-from-Facebook posts.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m losing track of what offends people nowadays.

You see the cornbread was “Great Balls of Fire Cornbread.” Click here to read it and let me know if and how you were offended.

Jerry Lee Lewis originally recorded and released the hit “Great Balls of Fire.” They censored a recent article about him. Read it here. Did it offend you?

A third article I wrote that they forbid you to read was about the February 2021 snowstorm from the Dakotas to Texas. Why? It had been out for six months before they banned it. Read it here. Let me know if I mentioned snowBALLS.

To our readers, we want to thank you for helping us fight censorship against America’s freedom of expression by sharing our articles on GAB, GETTR, PARLOR and even TWITTER.

Here are some notable thoughts about Big Tech censorship.

I proudly have been restricted for a total of over 110 days since March 2020.
Here is an article about Elvis Presley’s Graceland that was censored.

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  1. I love what ya’ll do. You are a go to news source for me. You report on things that several others just won’t. Keep up the great work!

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  2. I was put in fb jail for posting a Hitler quote “How good it is, for governments, that people are stupid.” Or something like that. It went against community standards and had a warning that they look for “potential terrorism”, “threats”. How is that an act of terrorism?

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  3. I can understand all of this. You really don’t know what happened to these people anymore. You have to say it unfortunately, these people have gone crazy, they lock other people because they do not like their opinion.

    These are things that are no longer acceptable. I can only hope that Donald will sort things out.

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    • People aren’t crazy (well, many are, but the big players are attempting Fascism).

      By Fascism, I mean “Fascism definition, a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.”

      Nationalist is a positive thing, people from any country strongly supporting their country, but the left doesn’t support America, and the left maintains all whites are racist, but that’s still racism, because they singled out a race. By and large, though, the word applies.

      That they are succeeding is the craziest thing. Police, Military, FBI, Justice Department, many in these agencies are going along with it.

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        • I agree, I just can’t believe we are seeing this on such a global scale. There is a lot of coordination to do this, and a lot of betrayal of the citizens of many countries.

          Translated on Deepl

          Ich stimme zu, ich kann nur nicht glauben, dass wir dies in einem solchen globalen Ausmaß erleben. Es gibt viel Koordination, um dies zu tun, und viel Verrat an den Bürgern vieler Länder.

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          • I also cannot believe what has been happening around me and to me for several years.

            Coordinated, as you say, runs in the background a program that is installed globally on all computers and hits or will still hit each of us who has not worked on this program.

            Frankly, I have only one hope left, and that is Donald. He is so important not only to Americans, but to all of us. I hope he will not let us down.

            Ich kann auch nicht glauben, was seit mehreren Jahren um mich herum und mit mir geschieht.

            Koordiniert, wie Sie sagen, läuft im Hintergrund ein Programm, das global auf allen Computern installiert ist und jeden von uns trifft oder noch treffen wird, der nicht an diesem Programm gearbeitet hat.

            Ehrlich gesagt, habe ich nur noch eine Hoffnung, und das ist Donald. Er ist so wichtig, nicht nur für die Amerikaner, sondern für uns alle. Ich hoffe, er wird uns nicht im Stich lassen.

            Thanks for answering.

            Übersetzt mit http://www.DeepL.com/Translator (kostenlose Version)

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