World is Grateful for Brave Patriotic Truckers and Freedom Protesters

1/31/22 update: Convoy organizers say they now have enough funds to keep trucks parked in front of Parliament Hill for 2 to 4 years.

“Truck Trudeau,” “Truck Joe Biden” and “Let’s Go Brandon” were chants being conveyed outside the Capitol of Canada this morning and is spreading around the world.

The citizens that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labelled as a “small fringe” with “unacceptable views” rolled in the Capitol city of Ottowa in sub-freezing weather yesterday, last night and continue today.

Trudeau, fearful of the Canadian truckers who convoyed and protesting for their nation’s freedoms, took his family in hiding away from their home in Ottowa to an unknown place in the region.

Reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s “Deplorables”–which turned out to be a large majority of the United States, Trudeau referred to people who chose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as “racist and misogynistic extremists.”

Mainstream media labelled them as “far right”.

It turns out, despite what official statement and biased reports from media, the Canada’s trucker convoys are larger than Canada’s military force. As the clock turned midnight on Saturday, January 29, just one of the convoys was 54 miles long.

Unexpectedly by the government and media, by Thursday a CTV poll revealed 78 percent of voters support the movement.

This historical and massive protest against—deemed Trudeau’s coronavirus (Covid-19) “Freedom Convoy” –– began as a rally against a vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers, but has exploded into a demonstration against government overreach around the world.

Flying the Canadian flag, waving banners demanding “Freedom” and chanting slogans against Trudeau, the tens of thousands of protesters greeted the truckers along interstate highways and throughout Ottowa.

Hours before the protest was officially to start, the streets of Ottawa’s city centre were packed with trucks as the blaring, non-stop honking of hundreds of air horns filled the air.

Meanwhile, Trudeau and his administration’s fears are transparent as they’ve lost control of the narrative and they realize it’s almost end game.

Messages From Around the Globe

Truckers inspired Australians…
…and Europe…
This is Italy today.
Popular meme
The day before.
The World is Grateful

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  1. Far be it from me to talk anyone down from their misogynistic racism… I don’t see how anyone can jump from anti-vaxxx to anti-blaxxx……………………………………………………………………..other than a means of wilful obfuscation, fearmongering and emotional battery.

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