Serious Message to the Free World From Australia

A stirring warning to America and other countries from Australians.

In the middle of the night, we received an urgent and compelling plea from Australia to share a message with our readership.

Recently the world has been tuned in as the the president of Serbia reached out to the country’s national sports hero, Novak Djokovic, on his return home from an oppressive Australian government. President Snezana Jankovic called a court hearing on the matter in Australia “a farce with a lot of lies.”

“Novak, welcome home, you know that we all support you here,” said Jankovic, a Belgrade resident. “They can take away your visa, but they cannot take away your Serbian pride.”

🔹This has sparked more concern across the globe as citizens are angered that Djokovic has been forced out of defending his Australian Open title.

🔹Millions are opening their eyes and learning more about the tyranny of dishonest governments from these recent events.

We urge you to watch this video:

In September, 2021, we published an article about the tyranny occurring in Australia and received worldwide concern. For many, it was their first bit of truth, as media was broadcasting propaganda. The message was a revealing and frightening clue to what could occur in any country. Shortly after, we received this correspondence:

Thank you for your post on 3rd Sept about what is happening in Australia.

I was the author of the letter you posted. It was sent to a business associate in the UK asking us to explain what is going on to explain business forecasts.

I truly believe God’s hand was on that letter to have reached you and to have been distributed so widely.

It was a friend in the USA that read it and sent to me to encourage me that truth is getting out. Little did he know I was the author.

I just want to thank you for helping to make our voice heard. Honestly we are struggling, it looks like Australia is fast approaching a medical apartheid.

Keep up the good fight!

Please keep us in your prayers, we desperately need It.

God Bless,

(Name withheld to protect the sender)

On January 18, 2022, we received this letter from the same Australian patriot:

Can you share this with your audience:
My business partner and good friend spent months making this documentary so the world would know what’s been happening down under. 
Regards & God Bless,

(Name withheld to protect the sender)


Comments from viewers

A piece of history that SADLY had to be documented. – THANK YOU – The world is watching–J. Carter

Great documentary, needs to be seen by a bigger audience. Why hasn’t any of the MSM outlets picked it up and run it at prime time. Where has the federal government been hiding? People need to be held accountable when this comes to an end, hopefully soon. The whole political system in Australia needs a reset.–S. Dale

Brilliant – a powerful account of what REALLY happened. Well done Topher – you have done all of us like minded people proud! Love your work.–D. Albrecht

I’m a Canadian, and the same totalitarian take over is happening here….. Your documentary was such a powerfully moving show of what we the ppl can do. It gives me so much hope that all our freedoms in every country can be restored. Love this you did a wonderful job.–L.Lady

To the Victorian people who stood their ground and fought for their rights and the rights of all Australians. We salute you. I am in NSW and have been through this with you since the beginning. I have cried, felt angry, disappointment, love and pride and I know we will win this because we have conviction and love for this country that they do not.–R. Vines

Finally. This just shows we are not alone. This is confronting but a must watch. Keep questioning, stand up for what you believe in and most importantly be kind to your neighbour. Thank you all for putting this together. Very brave–C. Hand

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  1. I just watched the entire video and I’m like WHOA! Now this documentary is going to make a huge impact around the world! And the fact that Dictator Daniel Anderson was willing to murder his own people should send chills down the spine of every freedom loving person on earth!

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