‘I Find Myself Sitting in the Parking Lot Trying to Compose Myself’

You see, while inside getting groceries, I came upon a little girl prancing down the aisle making a crazy noise. I turned around to see this young lady wearing massive boots compared to her tiny body. At first I just giggled and continued shopping.

I ended up in the check out lane behind her and her mother. As good southerners do, we struck up conversation. I told the little girl that I liked her boots. She had a massive grin on her face and began to speak. She let me know that those boots belonged to her Daddy.

“Today would have been his birthday, but he was killed last year in ‘Afghan Stan,'” she informed me.

To feel better about today, she was allowed to wear his boots. As her mom started to cry, so did I, as did the cashier.

Apparently, the gentleman behind me heard the story and gave the little girl a cupcake out of the dozen he was buying. He told the little girl to always eat a cupcake for her dad’s birthday. He told her that her dad was a hero and that she should be proud to be his daughter.

Please remember why we are able to celebrate America. Let’s stop to think about those who protect the freedom that we often take for granted!”

Credit: Katie Shuler

Source: The Inspireist

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  1. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing Jack.

    Sometimes we see something and think “why are they doing that”, with absolutely no idea behind the actions. We all live in our own little world and need to see the world through the eyes of others.

    Hugs, Lillian

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