Are ‘Hydra-Like Creatures” in COVID Vaccines Seen With Lab Microscopes?

Hydra definition: “many-headed serpent or monster in Greek mythology that was slain by Hercules and each head of which when cut off was replaced by two others.”

Dr. Carrie Madej, an internist who has been examining COVID jabs under a microscope, discovered strange, unidentified objects in the shots, including metallic fragments, “graphene-like” structures in each jab, and a tentacled, and a moving organism-like creature.

As Dr. Madej looked at the magnified contents of the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson shots, she and her colleagues found it “very upsetting” to see things in each jab that the manufacturers have not been honest about.  She appeared in interviews indicating she cried after verifying with a second batch of shots what she had seen in the first.

After revealing the findings publically, she immediately experienced the usual debunking treatment by leftist Mainstream Media. Similar to their “Russia-Russia-Russia,” “…without evidence,” and other familiar discrediting propaganda, Makej was editorially attacked.

The problem with the media’s aggression, was that Dr. Makej, a 20-year veteran of lab work, produced scientific evidence, including pictures of these questional items under microscope.

She explained on the Stew Peters show that she was first asked by a local Georgia lab to examine under a microscope the contents of a “fresh” Moderna vial, which she verified was unaltered before being placed onto a glass slide under a compound microscope. “Nothing was added to the solution, nothing was diluted,” she said.

“First it looked just translucent. And then as time went on, over two hours, colors appeared. I had never seen anything like this. There wasn’t a chemical reaction happening. It was a brilliant blue, and royal purple, yellow, and sometimes green,” she said.

Later, she asked nanotech engineers what the emerging brilliant colors might come from.  They told her the “only thing they knew that could do that” was a white light, over time, causing a reaction on “a super-conducting material.” In this case, Madej noted, white light came from the microscope itself.

She pointed out that an example of a super-conducting substance would be “an injectable computing system.”

“These fibers were appearing more and more,” she continued. “Some of the fibers had a little cube structure on them, I’m not sure what that was. And also metallic fragments were in there. They were not metallic fragments I’m used to seeing. They were exotic. They were very opaque.”

Madej noted “all the particulates, all these colors started moving to the edge” of the cover slide. “There was self-assembling going on, things were growing. They looked synthetic.”

“There was one particular object or organism, I’m not sure what to call it, that had tentacles coming from it,” she revealed. “It was able to lift itself up off of the glass slide. It appeared to be self-aware, or to be able to grow or move in space.”

She found it disturbing but said she thought, “Maybe that was a fluke in a way, maybe that was just that one vial.”

When the lab obtained more vials from a different batch of Moderna shots, as well as a Johnson & Johnson vial later, they saw the same things she had observed in the first vial.

“Another one of those tentacle-like structures appeared,” she said. “This was now completely under the cover slip, so there was no movement because it wasn’t on the edge, but I just couldn’t believe I saw another one. Same thing.” Madej also saw the “same colors” appear over time, as well as the fibers.

In the J&J vial, Madej said, there was “definitely a substance that looked like graphene. They all had graphene-like structures in there. Whether or not they were, I don’t have the capability of testing them in order to know at this lab, but that’s what they appeared to be.”

The vial’s contents also had “fatty substances, a sticky glue-like substance that would be considered a hydrogel in those, both of them.”

The J&J vial “also had colors appear.” “Their colors were different, like a fluorescent pastel kind of color. Again, a lot of synthetic structures in there as well.” Madej also noticed many “spherical ring structures” in the J&J contents.

“I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Madej said. “They’re not supposed to be in these injections. What are they going to do to somebody? What are they going to do to a child? I started crying when I saw these the second time under a microscope, because it was confirmation of everything I saw the first time.”

Madej again appeared on the Stew Peters show on October 20 to discuss her findings from a Pfizer jab vial as well as another J&J vial.

“What I’m seeing in all of these manufacturers are synthetic substances, graphene-like, also these nano-carbon tubes,” Madej said.

Round spheres

“In this particular J&J” vial, Madej saw “round spheres, which were not air bubbles.” She continued, “There’s many of these rings, and as time went on they would get thinner and thinner and expand out and then finally extrude out some gelatinous material — I’m not sure what it was, but different kinds of things were inside these spheres. So they’re almost like a delivery structure, that’s what they were doing.”

On one of these rings “looked like a translucent organism that went around, and back and forth.” She first “thought it was another water parasite,” but after continuing to observe its movements, “thought perhaps it was moving in a more robotic way.”

Madej saw the “same kind of synthetic things” in the Pfizer jab, as well as “something that looks similar to teslaphoresis. That’s when these little graphite-like black, metallic particles start to coalesce into strings, like a spider web. They do that through any external force — it could be light, it could be a magnetic force, it could be an impulse, like a frequency. Anyhow, all these little particles would then coalesce and form their own neural network, or their own fibers, or wires.”

Dr. Makej shows actual photos.

Madej believes the tentacled entity she found in the Moderna jabs has a connection with the organism hydra vulgaris.

“It is one of the model organisms that the transhumanists like to study and look at. They feel that this is an amazing organism for humanity,” said Madej, in part because “it’s immortal in the lab setting” and “continuously produces its own stem cells.”

“It never stops. You can chop it up into little bits, put it in a petri dish and it forms itself again and again,” she continued. “They’re thinking, wouldn’t this be great if we could put this inside of a human body’s genome, and then if your hand was chopped off by a trauma, you could grow a new hand.”

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  1. Graphene oxide is the antenna used for 5G. 5G is not a technology without graphene oxide. Graphene oxide is a super absorber or antenna for micro waves and other high frequencies like 5G

    5G was developed at same time as covid in Wuhan

    Are we walking antennas. Why? Are these frequency ranges being investigated as possible weapons?

    Convergence of biology and micro or other high frequencies into weapons.

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  2. I do not have it at hand but I will look for it. If my memory serves me correctly this neural link can be injected into your blood system where it will find its way to your brain. It makes me wonder if this is why they are not retracting the syringes when they give vaccine to avoid a blood vessel. Looks like they planned it. What if this is the case. It would mean they have control over a million or so bodies to do what they command. What does it mean? And when we know will we want to know?

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  3. I saw a video not too long ago where someone had put some graphine oxide under a microscope, connected it to video recorder and turned on some music. The graphine oxide started dancing, or moving to the music. It was weird! Also saw an article where there was graphine oxide in hand sanitizer.

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