Media is Preparing Us For Impending Vaccine Death Increases

Actual Samples of the Propaganda Being Used on You Right Now are Below

The Media is preparing you for the onslaught of heart attacks, blood clots and strokes that are going to increase exponentially due to the experimental so called vaccines being injected into millions because of the ongoing pandemic.

Their continued propaganda serves as a fairly effective rallying cry to get people behind the mRNA cause and obediently get jabbed. But, if there is one thing millions more have learned the past few years, it’s that the media often exaggerates, misrepresents, or even lies about the issues in order to gain that support.

Common tactics in media propaganda often include:

🔹Using selective stories that come over as wide-covering and objective.

🔹Partial facts, or false historical context.

🔹Reinforcing reasons and motivations to act due to threats on the health of people.

🔹Narrow sources of “experts” to provide insights in to the situation. (For example, the mainstream media typically interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci during the early stages of the pandemic to: 1) scare us. 2) tell us the experimental vaccines were close to “100 percent effective.”

Later and along the way, he flip-flopped and changed his narratives to intentionally persuade us lockdown, mask, and be jabbed. All three U.S. approved vaccines, in just the short term may be effective in the 24% to 58% range. Long term effects are far from promising. They look very dangerous to many doctors, scientists and experts around the world. Correction: the vaccines are considered dangerous by experts who do not have a conflict-related issue, or treat official government agendas as fact, rather than just perspectives that needs to be verified and researched).

🔹Demonizing their “enemies” who do not fit the picture within their propaganda.

🔹Using a narrow range of discourse, to keep the framework of news and the opinions focused to serve the interests of the propagandists.

Current Examples

Here are some examples of media reports being used right now to prepare you for more shots that will make Big Pharma and Bill Gates types even more powerful and filthy richer than they currently are.

It’s not just newscasts, radio broadcasts and newspapers. They’re on billboards and even digital traffic conditions signs too.

Climate change? Seriously? When vaccinated pregnant mothers begin having sick babies, the powers that be need these types of excuses to blame, rather than the experimental injections. The Media will follow along and ramp up their “reporting” accordingly.

Yahoo is notorious for this type of setup.
Over 50? Broken hearted from their family members dying from experimental jabs perhaps.
There is no proof. It’s another propaganda setup to get your beliefs going the direction of their upcoming narratives.

These types of articles will start appearing more often as Gates, Big Pharma and other interests (WHO, CDC, FDA for instance) are beginning their PRELIMINARY STAGE of propaganda. This will cause buzzwords and phrases like “mounting concern” to be shared across all channels (just like they did with “no evidence” or “without proof” after the stealing of the 2020 Presidential Election) repeatedly.


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  1. Kind of off topic…but, my son was watching a YouTube video on tv this morning. The commercial/ad started “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” All excited, and finally “Got there”, there, being the vaccine center! I was disgusted, my son was disgusted…and disturbed! That, is propaganda, I told him. He was like, “I could see a commercial like that for Disney World or something, but to go get a vaccine? Just wrong!”

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