Texas Files Against Facebook in Supreme Court

The United States Supreme Court is about to be tested again regarding Big Tech censorship and law.

“Facebook’s wrongful interpretation of Section 230 is being used to protect social media giants, while Americans are being silenced,” stated Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, explaining while the Lone Star State were filing against them in court. “A disturbing increase in heinous crimes such as human trafficking and illegal activity have eroded the fabric of our great nation. ”

The State of Texas has filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court arguing against Facebook’s vague and inaccurate legal interpretation of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Facebook’s stance and Section 230 is intended to shield them from liability for human trafficking that was facilitated using the social media platform. This would leave trafficking victims without effective relief or financial remedy while Facebook takes advantage of this vulnerable demographic in exchange for advertising dollars.

Texas Capitol

Texas is recommending that Section 230 be amended to clarify that online platforms may be held accountable and to effectuate Congress’s intent to protect Americans from exploitation, illegal activity, and violence.

“I will fight to uphold the rule of law and hold internet platforms like Facebook accountable,” Attorney General Paxton said.

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