After All This You Still Trust the Democrat Media?

If you keep television news on constantly, this is what you are lead to believe.

If you know these are not true, why are you continuing to tune them in? Do you see the problem with that?

Oh, maybe that’s why you rushed to get in line for an experimental and ineffective “vaccine” for a virus that is less dangerous than flu or pneumonia.

How many do you believe in?

Biden got 80 million votes
Climate change is real
There are more then two genders
There is systemic racism in America
There isn’t a crisis at the border

The GOP wanted to defund the police
Big Tech doesn’t censor conservatives
COVID wasn’t released from a lab
CRT isn’t racist
Ivermectin isn’t effective

Hydroxychloroquine isn’t effective
Trump colluded with the Russians
Seth Rich was randomly mugged
Epstein killed himself
The election wasn’t rigged

It’s racist to require voter ID
Doing your own research is ridiculous
Afghanistan is Trumps fault
Shut down the American pipeline good
Russia opens their pipeline better

And $3,500,000,000,000 is $0.00.


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