Experimental COVID-19 Shots Are the Most Deadly ‘Vaccines’ in History

Exclusive: Proof Lockdowns & Mandates Are Totally Unnecessary

The latest Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, historically grossly underestimates the actual number of deaths and adverse events due to vaccination jabs.

Given that fact, VAERS now reports over 675,000 adverse events have been reported so far in the United States.

There are now 14,701 human beings (as just a fraction of the actual total) that have died attributed to the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

Though mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have only been available for a little over a year, these shocking numbers far outpaces vaccines that have been available for decades. Even factoring in the time that COVID-19 vaccines have not been existence, the deaths and adverse events FAR OUTPACE that of other vaccines.

Statistically, the COVID-19 vaccine is the the most DANGEROUS vaccine ever produced.

Exclusive: Masking and Mandates Are Not Needed

Anthony “Abaddon” Radovcic from Behind Enemy Lines based out of Los Angeles, CA, has shared his latest examination with CleverJourneys based on his “charts of ‘Cases’ and ‘Deaths’ converted to percentages in comparison to Populations.”

“The numbers demonstrate that there is no threat from SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) and never was,” Radovcic proves. “There was no justification for Lockdowns, nor Mask Mandates.”

“There is no justification for producing and distributing ‘vaccines’, or whatever they may be,” he said. “Absolutely no justification for mandates and corporate policies forcing the citizenry to make the choice between an injection or unemployment.”

Here is the data, from official sources.


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