Critical Race Theory Curriculum Forces Citizens to Enact More School Board Recalls Nationwide

Critical Race Theory, with the support of liberal social engineering change agents and teachers unions, has forced more parents and citizens to recall school board members throughout the nation.

Between 2006 and 2020, there was an average of 23 recall efforts against an average of 52 school board members each year. The number of school board recalls in 2021 has surpassed that average with 57 efforts against 143 members as of Aug. 3. 

This is the highest number of school board recalls since tracking began in 2006. The next highest year was 2010, with 39 efforts against 91 school board members. Observers predict more recall efforts will begin as parents learn about the upcoming curriculums as students return to classes.

Laws governing school board recalls differ from state to state. Typically, petitioners must deliver documents to the city or county election office and sometimes to the members they are seeking to recall as well.

These documents usually include the reasons petitioners believe the official is unfit for office and initial signatures from supporters of a recall election. If a petition is approved, recall supporters must gather a set number of signatures from district residents to force the petition to a vote.

Thirty-nine states currently allow for the recall of elected officials at some level of government. Of those 39, 22 specifically allow for the recall of school board members.

Such recalls are the legal process of removing an elected school board member from office before their term is completed. Here are a few things to know about the 22 states.

  • Six states that allow school board recalls require proponents of such a recall to show specific grounds—such as malfeasance or misfeasance in office—for the effort to move forward.
  • In all but one state—Virginia—recall elections are held if enough signatures are collected. The recall process is different in Virginia than in other states. Recall organizers must gather signatures from 10% of the number of people who voted in the last election for that office. If enough signatures are collected, a circuit court trial is held to determine if the official should be recalled. Proponents must show that the official demonstrated neglect of duty, misuse of office, or incompetence. If the judge rules in favor of the recall, the official is removed from office, and voters elect a replacement in a special election.
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  • The number of signatures required to place a school board recall question on the ballot varies by state. Common factors for calculating the signature requirement include the size of the board member’s jurisdiction and the number of votes cast in a previous election. In Virginia, if enough signatures are collected, a circuit court trial is held to determine if an election should take place.
  • The amount of time recall petitions circulate also varies by state. Georgia, Nebraska, and North Carolina have the shortest petition circulation time, at 30 days. Of the states with a time limit for circulating petitions, Washington has the longest period at 180 days. New Mexico, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Virginia do not have a time limit for when proponents can circulate petitions.


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  1. This BS that they are attempting to spout that babies as young as 6 months are racist as they can recognize skin color. You might remember I have mentioned before that my dad was 1/2 native American. When my daughter was between 6/7 months old and about 7 every single time we saw a dark colored individual (hispanic, Indian, black, etc) my daughter would get excited and beg to go to the person and hug them. When she was 6 months old though she would just smile and laugh and reach her arms up to be picked up. She was not racist she just thought that every single dark skinned old man was her grandpa who loved her and who she loved. When she was about 3 we were in Shoppers World in CC. There was a dark skinned male waiting in the check line next to ours. Lori broke away from me and ran over to him wanting him to pick her up. He looked up shocked and saw me hurrying after her. He told me I needed to teach her that not after men in the store would be nice to her. I thought what she did and the reason behind it was beautiful although I did attempt to curb some of her enthusiasm toward strangers after that event I still thought it was sweet NOT racist.

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