Media, CDC & Biden Vaccinated Numbers Don’t Add Up

Is This More Big Pharma-Big Government Propaganda?

🔹According to the CDC, 60.8% of all adults are fully vaccinated, and over 80% of seniors have taken the jab. However…

🔹The Kaiser Family Foundation gathered data from 2415 counties and their information doesn’t agree with “official” reports.

🔹Kaiser’s data reveals that of May 11, an average of 28.5% of people living in counties that Trump carried were vaccinated.

🔹35% of people living in counties carried by Biden were vaccinated.

🔹The averages is about 32%.

🔹The government and the media are pushing hard to encourage vaccination, because the real number has obviously been much lower than reported.

🔹Increasingly, people are deciding not to take the injections.

🔹The federal government has purchased a total of 1.41-billion doses.

🔹Only about 405-million doses had been distributed to states by August 6, 2021.

🔹By July reports of expiring vaccine stockpiles started appearing even in mainstream news.

🔹State health departments started asking the federal government to send their vaccines to foreign countries so that they would not go to waste.

🔹The problem is widespread, with CDC real data showing that states have administered 52.36 million fewer doses than were distributed to them.

🔹Robert Ator, a retired colonel in the Arkansas Air National Guard is in charge of his state’s Covid-19 vaccine distribution drive, and reported, “We’re drowning in this stuff. It’s starting to get a bit silly…”

🔹The U.S. has sent over 110 million surplus doses of COVID-19 vaccines to more than 60 countries, the White House announced Tuesday.

🔹At the end of August, the U.S. will begin shipping an additional 500,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine to foreign countries.

🔹Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials said, “We’re seeing demand falling off across all the states. It’s not like, if Connecticut doesn’t need theirs, it can go to Alabama. There just isn’t the demand.”

🔹North Carolina discarded 119,756 doses from all three vaccines at the end of July and reported that an additional 854,548 would be expiring in August; and that hundreds of thousands more doses would likely expire in the fall.

🔹Arkansas tossed 380,000 doses.

🔹Colorado is sitting on 352,533 doses expected to expire by September.

🔹The feds have committed to purchase another 562-million doses from Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson by the end of 2021.

🔹Another 500-million doses were purchased to be sent or distributed by our military to low-income nations.

🔹Millions of doses that have been delivered to states will reach their expiration date at the end of August.

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New Book Just Released

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An ambitious, well-written account of Texas history.

Cynthia Leal Massey has written an intriguing, scholarly work, What Lies Beneath: Texas Pioneer Cemeteries and Graveyards.

The introduction alone is fascinating. Massey, a born and raised Texan, traveled thousands of miles to visit more than a hundred Texas cemeteries, graveyards and burial grounds. She recalls many peaceful visits to Texas cemeteries as well as some harrowing experiences. Massey’s extensive research is impressive as she tells the story of the founding of Texas through those buried in pioneer cemeteries— some stately, some abandoned—from the early days through the nineteenth century.

The large volume is enriched with many pictures reproduced from archives as well as pictures of grave sites as seen today. Throughout the book are text boxes with captivating subjects, gems such as the devastating effects of yellow fever, the difference between cemeteries and graveyards, and the history of the Texas Rangers, to name only a few. These pictures and text boxes further convey the cultural history of Texas from the period before and during its years as a Republic (1836 – 1845) and after it became the 28th state in 1845. The guide also provides descriptions of headstone features and symbols traditionally used by early Texans.

The book is organized using Texas Heritage Trail Regions, then cities, towns, unincorporated communities and forts. As the many graves are visited, the reader is taken back in time while learning about individual attitudes and challenges, and how those people helped shape what is Texas today.

What Lies Beneath: Texas Pioneer Cemeteries and Graveyards is an ambitious, well-written account of Texas history. Massey’s background in journalism and love of history shine through the pages of this valuable resource of early Texas families and their communities.

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  1. Your Blog Entry is well organized and to the point, thanks for taking the time for such excellence. The numbers of vaccines pending expiration certainly make the govt’s information seem nonsensical concerning the total vaccinated in the U.S.

    I am not a Doctor, the Screen Name is a character in a 2001 Movie Entitled “No Such Thing”.

    This Paper:

    Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease

    And Backed-Up Here:

    And this Epidemiologist (The Link takes you to the part where he talks about Vaccines as a Positive Thing, then warns the corona virus vaccine have been tried in the past, with disastrous results on the animals they were tested on):

    Perspectives on the Pandemic | Dr. John Ioannidis Update: 4.17.20 | Episode 4

    Both suggest in serious ways, that the vaccine may cause some, perhaps many, to experience the covid virus in a worse way than if they weren’t vaccinated at all.

    And my WordPress Blog is designed to address something Senator Rand Paul discusses, namely that Masks are not effective at protecting people, but Respirators (N95 Style) may make a difference in the transmission of disease. I address the Issue of Respirators, not to discourage their use, but to edify people on some of the considerations of proper use.

    Edification on Respirators/Masks

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