Transgender State Rep’s Spouse Suspended, Attorney Disbarred After Pedophile Sting Operation, School Board Director Accused

‘Can of worms’ unleashed in local Democratic politics

Three separate cases involving transgenders, pedophiles and prostitution pimping has rocked the state House of Representatives, a prestigious law firm and a local school board in Colorado.

The story begins when an associate attorney for the Waltz Reed law firm in Denver who was disbarred last week after a police sting operation targeting pedophiles and child porn producers showed him as a perpetrator.

However, this incident “opened up a can of worms” in local Colorado politics, according to some observers.

Case #1: Richard Howieson

In January 2021, Richard A. Howieson pleaded guilty in Jefferson County District Court to a class 6 felony of obscenity – promotion to a minor.

He was convicted for exchanging messages with a Jefferson County detective posing as a 14-year-old girl on messaging apps Kik and Whisper.

During those exchanges, Howieson sent a nude photo of himself and agreed to meet his interlocutor the same day. Howieson drove to the meeting place, where he was arrested by Jefferson County Sheriff’s officers and charged with internet sexual exploitation of a child.

A search on the sex offender registry shows Howieson currently living at a motel in Golden Colorado with this identifying photo:

Richard Alexander Howieson

That count was dismissed when Howieson pleaded guilty to obscenity — promotion to minor. 

On March 23, 2021, Howieson was sentenced to four years of probation with conditions, including successful completion of offense-specific treatment, completion of a substance abuse evaluation and treatment, total abstinence from illegal substances, and adult sex offender conditions.

This includes compliance with Colorado Computer Use Agreement, maintenance of full-time verifiable employment, payment of restitution, maintenance of a stable residence, and registration as a sex offender. 

The Presiding Disciplinary Judge approved Howieson’s stipulation to discipline and suspended Howieson for 18 months, effective July 21, 2021. To be reinstated to the practice of law in Colorado, Howieson must prove by clear and convincing evidence that he is rehabilitated, has complied with all applicable disciplinary orders and rules and is fit to practice law. 

Case #2: Tay Anderson

According to local media, the friend of a state representative (Case #3 below) is Tay Anderson, a prominent Black Lives Matter member, a school board member and suspected serial pedophile involving over 60 children.

In March 2021, the nonprofit Black Lives Matter 5280 issued a statement announcing that a woman had reported to them that Anderson had sexually assaulted her. Denver Public Schools hired an outside firm to investigate this claim.

Former members of Never Again Colorado, an anti-gun violence group, claimed that some of Anderson’s behavior was inappropriate when he was serving as the group’s president in 2018.

On May 30, 2021, Anderson announced that he would step away from his duties on the Denver School Board until the investigation was completed.

Anderson, who often uses a bullhorn to stand out in crowds, responded to the allegations on Twitter, saying, “these unsubstantiated false allegations have caused a great deal of trauma to our entire district, and our students deserve better. These false claims have put my family and I in harm’s way, and now as a father and son, I must protect those I love first, therefore I will be stepping back from everyday board functions until the completion of the independent investigation.”

On July 14, 2021, Anderson announced in a letter to the board that he would be resuming his duties as a board member.

“The independent investigation has bogged down, drifted into new areas, and dragged well past the timeline that was agreed to,” Anderson wrote. “No credible evidence has emerged to support any allegations of sexual misconduct by me. I have not been arrested, charged, or even contacted by any law enforcement agency regarding any of these false claims against me. And, more than anything, our DPS (Denver Public Schools) community has been fractured by these false allegations, and I am left compelled to try and heal the divisions which this situation has caused.”

Then, on May 25, Denver Public Schools parent Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming testified before the Colorado House judiciary committee.

Brooks said that “62 young people — 61 high school students and one recent graduate — came to her starting in August for help and protection from a specific man ‘in a position of trust.”

She asserted that 61 of the young people were either undocumented immigrants or recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program for immigrants. The allegations ranged from unwanted touching to “violent acts of rape,” she said.

The youngest person who came to her for help was fourteen years old, Brooks Fleming said. None wanted to report the adult to the police, she said, and the young people were so afraid “they could not whisper his name.”

The next day, March 26, when Black Lives Matter 5280 released the claim that Anderson had sexually assaulted the unidentified woman, it followed previous and other wide-ranging abuse charges before the Colorado Legislatature. The BLM charge was regarding an unnamed man “in a position of trust” involving 62 reported victims.

Anderson was considered a rising star in Denver politics and activism prior to the BLM accusations and internet postings about his homosexual relationship with a known gangster.

Denver City School Board Secretary Tay Anderson’s boyfriend and co-conspirator is human sex trafficker Hashim Tarik Coates (DOB: 10-1-75) -currently residing at: 15700 E Alameda Pkwy Apt 306, Aurora, CO 80017.

One post revealed Anderson, “doesn’t just promote and support this thug and human tafficking Hashim T. Coates he brings him into Denver City School District buildings around your children because Hashim T. Coates and Tay Anderson are lovers.”

“In 2017 it was revealed that one of Democrat candidate and friend of Tay Anderson Morgan Carroll’s former, staffer, Hashim T. Coates, was busted for visiting a prostitute and, then, shooting at his car full of people with a really real gun. Hashim T. Coates has no training in firearms and didn’t even hit the vehicle, which means that innocent bystanders could have been MURDERED.”

Hashim Coates is no stranger to banging prostitutes and “Sarah” (name changed to protect her identity) was only 14 years old when she alleges that Hashim T. Coates put a gun to her head and forced her to perform oral sex acts on him and another man while Tay Anderson was present: “I was 14 in 2016 when Hashim put a gun to me at a party and forced me to suck someone’s d**k. I was too scared to do anything and was only 14 years old, so who was going to believe me? Tay [Anderson] and several other high schoolers were all there. I remember I felt like I had to suck Tay’s dick too, even though no weapons were pointed at me, it felt like an obligation to me, so I did. He was probably 17 or 18 at the time. [Tay] made me swallow. That night I probably had some form of sex with six or seven of the men present, and Hashim always had his gun, so I felt that I had to do everyone there.”

Denver Public Schools had previously found that Anderson had used social media to retaliate against a whistleblower who’d reportedly been the victim of harassment by a former high school principal.

Soon after, new accusations surfaced from six female former colleagues, who say Anderson created an unsafe work environment at Never Again Colorado, an anti-gun organization that he presided over in 2018.

Case #3 Elysia & Brianna Titone

In a third incident, another attorney has been suspended from practicing law. Elysia Hassebroek Titone, the spouse of transgender Colorado state Rep. Brianna Titone, (D-Arvada) and supporter of Tay Anderson.

In early 2019, one of her clients couldn’t get in touch with her, according to a conditional admission of misconduct.

She was investigated by disciplinary authorities for potentially improperly abandoning her client’s representation.

Elysia & Brianna Titone

Elysia Hassebroek Titone gave authorities a termination letter she claimed to have sent the client. However, she later admitted she fabricated that letter, according to the admission of misconduct.

She was suspended for six months and declined to comment to the media.


Rob Fairbank@robfairbank· Seems like they buried the lede: “Also suspended from practicing law was Elysia Hassebroek Titone, who is married to Colorado state Rep. Brianna Titone, D-Arvada.” #copolitics@COpeakpolitics@cologopQuote Tweet

The Denver Post@denverpost · Jul 26NEW: Colorado attorney caught in underage sex sting among lawyers suspended from practice

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  1. Just when you think it can’t possibly get more disgusting, demented or perverted, along comes this to prove me wrong. Life in Houston Texas in the mid-to-late 70s pales in comparison!

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  2. Thank you for reporting. Shedding light on this topic. It’s much deeper and more common then people think

    Why do people think they can get away with us? Because they have. People are involved in many critical areas of government law enforcement etc.

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