Facebook Censored Me for Posting About Cornbread and Jerry Lee Lewis

Was it because of “Great Balls of Fire” or do they just hate cornbread?

It’s true. Facebook actually prohibited me–absolutely took my freedom of expression away–because I posted a cornbread recipe.

Oh, but that’s not all. They did it again because I posted about rock n’ roll pioneer Jerry Lee Lewis too. That was a separate article.

I’m beginning to think they have something against the word “balls.”

Now, I can’t think of too many reasons to be offended about using “balls” in a sentence, but it’s the only common denominator on three of my banned-from-Facebook posts.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m losing track of what offends people nowadays.

đź”´You see the cornbread was “Great Balls of Fire Cornbread.” Click here to read it and let me know if and how you were offended.

đź”´Jerry Lee Lewis originally recorded and released the hit “Great Balls of Fire.” They censored a recent article about him. Read it here. Did it offend you?

đź”´A third article I wrote that they forbid you to read was about the February snowstorm from the Dakotas to Texas. Why? That was months ago and they are just now banning it. Read it here. Let me know if I mentioned snowBALLS.

If I did and you are offended, oh well. Suffer.

I did report to Facebook that I disagreed with them, but they just send nonsensical replies…something about how COVID has them shorthanded, how feedback helps them become better or something like that:

Do these articles offend you?

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While Dodie and I are at it, here are some more posts Facebook may find offensive. Enjoy.


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  1. Love the cornbread adventure, and I am shocked that JLL is still alive and kicking. As a kid of 6, I saw him perform at the Big D Jamboree in Dallas. My Dad played fiddle with the Light Crust Doughboys, that happened to be the house band. I was young and don’t remember much of the show other then drinking Coke’s and eating candy bars sitting next to the regular performers. You haven’t lived until you’ve had Wanda Jackson clean your ears with a clean-x and spit. FB, I discovered, can stop your post from being shared if they don’t agree with the content. It’s not a block, but a gentle nudge from their fact checker police. A little known trick of theirs, and you don’t know its happening. I wonderd why my stories sent to my FB page via Publisize were not reaching anyone. Sure-nuff, a buddy of mine said he didn’t recieve any of them. Perhaps because I stuff and bbq Biden and his minions? To retaliate, in my own small way, I have paused my FB and Instagram pages and will be deleting them soon. Too much crap, too much hate, and too much “look at me” pictures, as well as the rants and ravings from my old lunatic musician friends in Austin. I will most likely loose 841 FB followers of my blog, but, they know how to find it if they choose too. I believe our lives would be better off, and more serene if we didn’t use any social media. It’s worth a shot.

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