51 Texas Democrats Who ‘Threw Tantrum,’ Left State, to Hide Behind Kamala Harris

Texas Democrats are making a mockery of themselves at the risk of forsaking their constituents.

This is a major reason Texas is becoming record breaking red and Democrats lost so much in the Lone Star State in last election.

2020 Election

A special message from Gina Castaneda from San Antonio.

Here are the names of the 51 Democrats that threw a tantrum (like children) and left the state to avoid the special session votes.

These representatives left and are not doing their work and causing Texas to lose funds. Anyone who just left their job like this would get fired. LET’S FIRED THEM this coming 2022.

Call or email Speaker Dale Phelan, to let him know we want those committee memberships stripped. #DadePhelan #replacethem

(512) 463-1000 or email Phelan here.

Alma Allen (Houston)

Rafael Anchia (Dallas) – Chairman: Pensions, Investments, & Financial Services Committee

Michelle Beckley (Carrollton)

Diego Bernal (San Antonio) – Vice Chairman: Public Education Committee

Rhetta Bowers (Rowlett)

John Bucy III (Cedar Park)

Hypocrites flee Texas with no masks and plenty of beer. Arrest them for unlawful abandonment.

Liz Campos (San Antonio)

Terry Canales (Edinburg) – Chairman: Transportation Committee

Sheryl Cole (Austin)

Garnet Coleman (Houston) – Chairman: County Affairs Committee

Nicole Collier (Ft. Worth) – Chairman: Criminal Jurisprudence Committee

Philip Cortez (San Antonio) – Chairman: Urban Affairs Committee

Jasmine Crockett (Dallas)

Yvonne Davis (Dallas) – Vice Chairman: Judiciary & Civil Ju xBrisprudence Committee

Joe Deshotel (Beaumont) – Chairman: Land & Resource Management Committee

Alex Dominguez (Brownsville)

Harold Dutton Jr. (Houston) – Chairman: Public Education Committee

Art Fierro (El Paso)

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins (San Antonio) – Vice Chairman: Culture, Recreation, & Tourism Committee

Jessica Gonzalez (Dallas) – Vice Chairman: Elections Committee

Mary Gonzalez (El Paso) – Vice Chairman: Appropriations Committee

Vicki Goodwin (Austin)

Bobby Guerra (Mission)

Ana Hernandez (Houston) – Vice Chairman: State Affairs Committee

Abel Herrero (Robstown) – Vice Chairman: Energy Resources Committee

Gina Hinojosa (Austin) – Vice Chairman: Human Services Committee

Donna Howard (Austin)

Celia Israel (Austin)

Ann Johnson (Houston)

Jarvis Johnson (Houston)

Julie Johnson (Carrollton)

Oscar Longoria (Mission)

Ray Lopez (San Antonio)

Eddie Lucio III (Brownsville)

Armando Martinez (Weslaco)

Trey Martinez-Fischer (San Antonio)

Terry Meza (Irving)

Ina Minjarez (San Antonio)

Joe Moody (El Paso) – Speaker Pro Tempore; Vice Chairman: Calendars Committee

Christina Morales (Houston)

Penny Morales-Shaw (Houston)

Sergio Munoz Jr. (Mission)

Victoria Neave (Dallas) – Chairman: Juvenile Justice & Family Issues Committee; Vice Chairman: General Investigating Committee

Claudia Ordaz Perez (El Paso)

Lina Ortega (El Paso)

Leo Pacheco (San Antonio) – Vice Chairman: Higher Education Committee

Mary Ann Perez (Houston)

Ana-Maria Ramos (Richardson)

Richard Pena Raymond (Laredo) – Chairman: Defense & Veterans’ Affairs Committee

Ron Reynolds (Missouri City)

Eddie Rodriguez (Austin)

Ramon Romero Jr. (Ft. Worth)

Toni Rose (Dallas) – Vice Chairman: Redistricting Committee

Jon Rosenthal (Houston)

Carl Sherman Sr. (DeSoto)

James Talarico (Round Rock)

Shawn Thierry (Houston) – Vice Chairman: Ways & Means Committee

Senfronia Thompson (Houston) – Chairman: Licensing & Administrative Procedures Committee; Vice Chairman: S/C on Constitutional Rights & Remedies

Chris Turner (Grand Prairie) – Chairman: Business & Industry Committee; Chairman: House Democrat Caucus

Hubert Vo (Houston) – Vice Chairman: Insurance Committee

Armando Walle (Houston)

Gene Wu (Houston)

Erin Zwiener (Driftwood)



  1. I read this in another article early this morning regarding the Texas House Speaker, Dade Phelan. He appears to be not only a RINO but just as much of a cowardly dirtbag as the 51 fleeing DemoRats.

    Let’s burn up his phone line! (512) 463-1000


    “On the first day of this special session, State Rep. Tony Tinderholt (R-Arlington) offered an amendment to the rules to punish anyone who participated in busting the quorum. He was ignored by his House GOP leadership colleagues.

    Yesterday, Tinderholt started to make a motion to punish the absent members but was shot down by the House leadership. House Speaker Phelan told the chamber he simply did not have the authority to strip the absent Democrats of the chairmanships he himself had given them.

    Not so, responded the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Matt Rinaldi – who is a former member of the legislature. He pointed out that under the Rules of the House the speaker “has a right to remove any chair he himself appointed.”

    It begs the question: Exactly whose side is Dade Phelan on?”

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  2. Austin is a pool of crap. I will never visit that city again, and am embarrassed that I ever did, and wish that I had every dime I spent there, back in my pocket. I have a few friends that live there, and recently discovered through some secret squirrel tactics, that they are Libs that worship at the golden altar. I don’t know how much leverage Gov. Abbot has against these traitors, but he should use all of what he has against them. The picture of their pathetic smiling faces on that bus makes me want to puke. Us Texans, are paying these dung heaps $221.00 per day and their travel expense? These people are elected to make wise and proper decisions for our state, not act like petulant children that didn’t receive their trophy and snack. Our resident in Washington is their hero: a demented old man that has the brain of a child that fell on his head one too many times. God help our country if it’s not too late. On another note, ” how bout them Rangers!”

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  3. Hold on. Somebody is not counting correctly. There are 63 names listed.
    Did all 63 go to DC or only 51 of them? Would like the true list of AWOL politicians.
    Military personnel are disciplined for going awol. So should all politicians that do the same: discharged, loss of pay, removed from all committee’s

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  4. Hold on. Somebody is not counting correctly. There are 63 names listed.
    Did all 63 go to DC or only 51 of them? Would like the true list of AWOL politicians.
    Military personnel are disciplined for going awol. So should all politicians that do the same: discharged, loss of pay, removed from all committee’s


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