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Trump’s Inaguration
Biden’s Inaguration
Biden Administration Reveals UFO Truth


  1. Covid and election collide

    Please consider all ballot printers as part of chain of custody and they should be audited as well. Guarantee you they’re hoping nobody sees them as part of chain of custody

    Above article discusses Runbeck buying 10 ballot envelope stuffing machines first week in March 2020. The manufacturing company, on a Good year, sells seven or eight total machines. Yet first wk March 2030 Runbeck calls to order 10 machines

    Who makes a bet like this without a guaranteed return. This was well before the Covid was discussed in most households.

    So Runbeck put out a 5+ million dollar bet on machinery …. plus all the support cost for this machinery …. I doubt they made bet without guaranteed return in 2020. Either fronted the money or guaranteed. They have a new banking partner western alliance.

    The article above also lists the other ballot printers. Interesting there is one ballot printer in upstate New York. Didn’t completed ballots come out of New York bound for philly in usps trucks. I’m sure more coincidences.


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