10 Powerful Signs People Are Waking Up to Government Corruption

The first real sign Americans were finally tired of political corruption was when Donald J. Trump ran for office and was elected President.

During his four years in office, Trump not only corrected and fought against the corruption, he exposed how massive it was in mainstream media, Big Pharma, Big Tech, FBI, DOJ, CIA and politics in general.

Since the stolen election of 2020, the Biden-Harris Administration has done nothing more than solidify this knowledge. Here are 10 new signs acknowledging these facts. Feel free to share, post and send these to everyone.


  1. Question is will this be In time prior to China making move.

    USA waking up to the attack on our country from with teamed up with China

    How will USA address China if Biden is in office vs Trump. This is why Biden is there. He is there to protect China and their co-conspirators from within.

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