Journalism is Sick and Why I Don’t Trust Most News Outlets

Your choice: Freedom or possessed?

The picture above is of Noa Pothoven, a 17-year-old from The Netherlands.

She was sexually assaulted and raped at multiple points as a girl and young teen. The aftermath of these attacks left her suffering severe depression, PTSD and anorexia.

She wrote a popular book on her struggles and became a best selling author.

But that didn’t change her mental health state.

She reported not being able to deal with the pain of life any more, every day being as bad or worse than the previous. Anorexia continuing to haunt her.

At 16, she began seeking out an end-of-life clinic to be euthanized (Euthanasia, though heavily restricted, is now legalized in The Netherlands).

In a December 2018 interview with De Gelderlander newspaper, Noa admitted that she had approached the Levenseinde or “end-of-life” clinic in The Hague the previous year. She asked if she could be considered for euthanasia or assisted suicide, but was told she could not.

Over a year later, on Sunday, June 2, 2019, the media reported that she had died, having been legally euthanized at the age of 17.

There are two people that make me ashamed for humanity.

One – those who are willing to act on evil fantasies and impulses, with no regard for the people they are destroying.

And two – the reporters who posted this story about Noa’s cause of death.

Noa was never euthanized.

She died of complications from starvation. But some reporter thought it would make for a better story to push the teenage euthanasia storyline, and a host of other reporters parroted that article without ever taking a moment to vet those facts.

The Levenseinde clinic could not comment for privacy reasons. But in order to “put an end to incorrect reporting (in foreign media in particular)”, it released a statement from Noa’s friends: “Noa Pothoven did not die of euthanasia. To stop her suffering, she stopped eating and drinking.”

What she called her “sorrowful last post” on Instagram, (now deleted) Noa said she had “stopped eating and drinking for a while now, and after many discussions and evaluations, it has been decided to let me go, because my suffering is unbearable”. She said she expected to die within 10 days.

All false. Welcome to today’s pathetic state of journalism. Anything for another viewer, reader or click.

It is obvious journalism is bleeding profusely with a horrid sickness of dishonesty, propaganda and greed. I don’t read their newspapers, magazines, or “news” programs. My life has been far better by doing so. It’s actually incredible what happens to an individual who refuses to be indoctrinated and controlled.

It’s totally your choice. Freedom or possessed?

6 thoughts on “Journalism is Sick and Why I Don’t Trust Most News Outlets

  1. Extremely sad story of a life that could have been saved. I have left all forms of MSM and social media behind after the 2020 election.

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  2. Is there any way to prove she even died? She may still be alive. I don’t trust any news in the mainstream media unless it can be verified.

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  3. This breaks my heart, Jack and Dodie. At the same time, it infuriates me to no end! I always knew that media journalists (or more appropriately, propagandists) were all a bunch of vultures! But now, I think they’re slugs, vermin, cockroaches, Lord! Maybe those aren’t disgusting enough names for them!

    God bless Noa! I’m heartbroken she suffered and passed away, but at least now she can have the peace she never got here on Earth. And that gives me comfort. 😢❤🙏

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