Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Endorsed by President Trump

“Over the last five years in my role as Chairman of President Trump’s presidential campaign in Texas, he and I have become good friends,” said Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick in a statement released today. “I am honored to have his endorsement.”

“When I first announced that I was running for re-election in 2022, President Trump was still in office, the country was moving forward and I had every reason to believe that Texas was on a path to become even greater.

“Since Joe Biden took office, he has led the Democrats off a cliff, completely capitulating to the socialist, Marxist left.  Now Democrat policies are trying to bankrupt our country, open our borders, indoctrinate our children in public schools, shut down our religious freedoms and take away our guns.  I will continue to lead the fight to make sure they gain no ground — not an inch — in Texas.

Dan Patrick

“As Lt. Governor I have faced more challenges than any of my predecessors in modern Texas history including, most recently, a major economic blow to our oil and gas industry, a pandemic and a deadly winter freeze.  Texas has been able to come out stronger than ever because we have governed with conservative principles.  We have stuck to our values, we have not raised taxes and we have not expanded the size of government.  I stand up for the people of Texas, I listen to them about the things that matter and we move forward accordingly.

“I am very proud of what I have accomplished as Lt. Governor — from passing dozens of pieces of legislation that affirm our Texas values of life , liberty, freedom and the Second Amendment, to historic education reforms, property tax relief, securing the border and shoring up our transportation and water infrastructure.  With your help, we can continue to fight against Democrats and their policies and keep our state moving forward.”

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