Is America Dying Because of Mainstream Fake Media?

CNN primetime viewer ratings are down 60% since the inauguration of White House resident Biden. Overall their ratings have been cut in half. Similar reports are coming out for other liberal news outlets. It’s well deserved but it needs to continue.

Turn off their newscasts unless you intend to lose your freedoms playing their game of propaganda.

If I declared that I won a poker game but refused to allow you to see my cards, would you pay me?

What if you knew that I had a history of cheating at the game?

Would you trust me?

Why are you trusting the Democrat media then?

In our entire lives, there has never been a more critical time to stand up for our God, country and freedom.

For certain, over 72.6 million Americans cast legal votes for President Donald J. Trump in the 2020 election. He received more votes than any other incumbent president in history. Months later, forensics and other evidence indicate Trump’s votes were likely over 100 million…a landslide. Biden would have been lucky to have received 40 million legal votes.

Now is not the time to hand your mind over to a media that has demonstrated and proven they’ve been lying to us for years.

The question to ask yourself is why do you continue to listen to them if you know you are being deceived?

For months, major media, controlled by groups who intend to destroy America, have been feeding untrue propaganda to millions. These actual quotes from them are not true:

“There is no evidence of voter fraud.”

“Trump’s lawyers have lost their lawsuits in five states.”

“Post office whistleblower recants his story about voter fraud.”

“Vaccines are safe.”

Each one of these statements are 100 percent false.

For days we heard Biden “is winning North Carolina.”  By Friday, November 13, 2020, even the Associated Press had to acknowledge President Trump was the victor.

Media swept under the rug the fact that every illegal vote counted diluted the importance of every legal vote that was cast.

It’s so ludicrous, the enemy snickered and winked, “Dead people generally don’t like to vote. But when they do, they prefer to do so by mail.”

The legacy media is dead. They are no longer journalists. They are a propaganda wing of the Democrat party spoonfeeding, manipulating and brainwashing. They cannot be trusted.

Pennsylvania, in 2018, when 230,000 absentee ballots were cast, 3.5% were rejected for signature mismatches or other reasons. In 2020, when more than 1.2 million absentee ballots were cast, the rejection rate fell to 0.3%. 

Could this be due to official GOP observers not being allowed to do their job?

Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Kaxalt said computer forensic experts now indicate that after manually lowering the signature settings, the machines used for signature verification are not reliable. Over 200,000 votes were counted this way. The next 400,000 plus signatures were matched without real observation.

Why is the media, so many of you trust, not reporting this?

In a sworn affidavit, an election worker in Clark County, Nevada, swore mail-in ballots were improperly filled out in a Biden-Harris van outside a polling place.

Where was the media?

Remember last November when the Attorneys General from these states–AL, ARK, FL, KY, MISS, SC, SD, MO, and TX–filed a brief in the Pennsylvania election case before the Supreme Court arguing that voting by mail creates unique risks of fraud? I looked and there was not one mention of this from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC for 12 days. When any of them bothered to report on this, it was either a hit piece or barely mentioned.


But the big story that media attempted to hide then was about the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and State Attorney General both violated the Constitution by making changes to state law on elections.

The state legislature, not the courts, make laws. All unconditional changes they made could have been nullified by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Where’s the media?

Also in Pennsylvania, over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were  mailed  out. 

What’s the odds of that many envelopes being delivered that fast by USPS? Personally, I haven’t seen that happen in many years, and when I did, it was a rare occasion.

Almost 35,000 ballots were returned on the same day they  were mailed out.

Another 23,000 have a return date earlier than the mailed date. How did they receive the ballot before it was even mailed?

Where was the media?


A major allegation of voter fraud was  raised in Michigan, where a lawsuit filed by the Great Lakes Justice Center on behalf of two poll challengers showed multiple levels of improper conduct took place on orders from election officials.

The allegations were aimed at election officials from Detroit and Wayne County, and are based on affidavits of named individuals who said they witnessed misconduct.

In April 2021, Michigan Court of Claims Chief Judge Christopher Murray ruled that these changes violated Michigan Administrative Procedures Act.

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, broke state law when she unilaterally changed election rules concerning absentee balloting that election. This ruling legitimizes a key claim made by the Trump legal team in its challenges back then.

The court determined:

…nowhere in this state’s election law has the Legislature indicated that signatures are to be presumed valid, nor did the Legislature require that signatures are to be accepted so long as there are any redeeming qualities in the application or return envelope as compared with the signature on file. Policy determinations like the one at issue — which places the thumb on the scale in favor of a signature’s validity — should be made pursuant to properly promulgated rules under the APA or by the Legislature.

Where is the media?

Over 3.1 million Michiganders voted by absentee ballot in November. Biden “won” the state by just over 154,000 votes, according to the state-certified results.

“I’m glad the court sees Secretary of State Benson’s attempts at lawmaking for what they are – clear violations of her authority,” said State Rep. Matt Hall, a Republican. “If she wants to make changes like these, she needs to work with the Legislature or properly promulgate them through the laws we have on the books.”

“The Legislature is an equal branch of government charged with crafting laws,” Hall continued. “This is not the role of the Secretary of State, and there is a clear process that must be respected. Unfortunately, Secretary of State Benson has a pattern of not respecting that process.”

“She issued a mandatory directive requiring local election officials to apply a presumption of validity to all signatures on absent voter ballots, but there is nothing within state law allowing for that type of power from her position,” he said. “As a result, this directive was found to be not in accordance with our laws and not valid.”

There was evidence that over 10,460 dead people cast ballots in Michigan according to just the first preliminary forensic analysis.

About 9,500 voters confirmed dead through the Social Security Death Index (SSDI) are marked in the state’s mail voting database as having returned ballots. Another nearly 2,000 are 100 years old or more and aren’t listed as known living centenarians.

Where was the media?

“This type of widespread fraud in the counting and processing of voter ballots cannot be allowed to stand. Michigan citizens are entitled to know that their elections are conducted in a fair and legal manner and that every legal vote is properly counted,” senior counsel David A. Kallman said in a statement.

“Defendants instructed election workers to not verify signatures on absentee ballots, to backdate absentee ballots, and to process such ballots regardless of their validity,” the complaint went on, adding another allegation that election workers were told “to process ballots that appeared after the election deadline and to falsely report that those ballots had been received prior to November 3, 2020 deadline.”

Pennsylvania and Michigan were not the only states where Democrat state officials unilaterally changed election laws, so this ruling certainly raises legitimate doubts whether Biden truly won the election without invalid votes.

Where was the media?


In Georgia, over 27,000 ballots came in from people over the age of 90. There were 1,000+ over age of 100, and 528 over age of 105.

Obama lost over 3.5 million votes in his re-election. President Donald Trump gained 10 million.

Across the country there is strong evidence of officials unilaterally cheating in Biden’s favor.

Where is the media?

They are too busy telling you that masks are healthy, lockdowns are good, illegal immigration is not bad, COVID is extremely deadly and experimental vaccines are not dangerous.

Turn them off now!


  1. People want to take care of business but no leadership on how this should take place.

    Look at how the government perverted January 6th. The people did act!

    We need a road map and leadership including social media to communicate freely.

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  2. Occasionally, I will watch a program on MSM. I fear Netflix and Amazon are just as corrupt, so there is no escaping it. Fake news, corrupt media, activist judges, it goes on forever into that deep rabbit hole that allows and promotes such as you wrote about. We know its there, we know who and how it’s done, but we don’t know how to stop it because the good guys in Washington, the ones that are suppose to be on our side, are really working with the evil, other side. It’s all about power and money. Pitchforks and torches.

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  3. The evidence is overwhelming, and we can never let this go. People are working on it, God is working on it, and this persistence will pay off. The enemy is too dang cocky. Let them stay that way while we burrow under their headquarters till they cave in. Surprise!

    Liked by 2 people

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