Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Visits San Antonio Amid Border Crisis

Attorney General Ken Paxton visited the San Antonio migrant center at Freeman Coliseum amid the border crisis spurred on by President Joe Biden’s failed immigration policies.

Despite AG Paxton’s several successful lawsuits and letters warning of dangerous changes in law enforcement policy, the Biden Administration’s failure to curb illegal immigration surges and secure criminal aliens already convicted of felonies is increasing the already hostile border crisis.

According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), over 22,000 minor-aged aliens are housed in Texas: 18,000 by HHS and 4,700 by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

“The reality is there is no way we can be prepared to deal with this magnitude of a problem with this number of children in need,” Paxton said Wednesday. “Staff at these facilities are stretched thin and straining to care for these children on an individual basis, which is what they desperately need.”

“This is not good for the state, for our country, or for these children,” said Attorney General Paxton. “For the safety of Texas, our nation, and the thousands of kids housed at these facilities, I am using every legal resource available to sue the Biden Administration and end its failed policies. This is not the best way to bring people into our country. Better, safer, and more methodical ways must be enacted.”

More than 170,000 people attempted to cross the southwest border in March, marking the highest monthly total in 15 years.

Over the past year, U.S. Border Patrol reported a 400% increase in encounters with illegal aliens at the southwest border. In the past month alone, encounters have increased by 72%. Border Patrol also reports that agents have faced 192 assaults since January 2021, including the use of physical force, projectiles, vehicles, firearms, and edged weapons.

3 thoughts on “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Visits San Antonio Amid Border Crisis

  1. IF the liberals, and all who are screaming about these children really cared, they would put a stop to accepting them into this country. Texas should do what Iowa did and refuse them We have children in San Antonio and surrounding areas that are hungry, not properly cared for, yet the mayor of S.A., Country Judge, Chief of Police and others refuse to follow the laws of our country. How do we know these children are not being turned over to child molesters, trafficker’s, etc? We don’t. Do they do a blood test, require a birth certificate? And now what?
    More on the welfare system and breaking the backs of the working men and women.

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      1. My thanks to you Jack…….and your tireless fight to tell the truth and educate those who will listen.
        You have so many who appreciate you and look forward to you and your writings. Blessings, Dee

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