Texas GOP Chairman Allen West Alerts Texans to More Biden Dangers

Texas GOP Chairman Lt. Colonel Allen West sent out two letters to fellow Texans this week informing significant concerns about the current White House Administration. Per West’s words:

The Equality Act has nothing to do with “equality.”

It is about manipulating our entire culture, denying biological truth, and making special carveouts and privileges for sexual “orientation” and “gender.

More specifically, this radical bill will force doctors to provide abortions on-demand, force religious organizations to violate their time-honored biblical beliefs and traditions, and severely restrict our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech and freedom of association.

Even though it has not yet been signed into law, the Republican Party of Texas is leading the nation against the dangerous policies of the Equality Act through our critical legislative priorities in the Texas legislature.

Will Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress be the death of the Tenth Amendment?

In case you have not noticed, Joe Biden and his far-left allies in Congress are pulling off one of the most egregious federal power grabs in our nation’s history.

Bigger than FDR’s New Deal, bigger than LBJ’s Great Society, and bigger than Obama’s domestic and international surveillance programs.

Just look at the radical policies they have passed or proposed in the few short months that they have been in power:

–       HR1: “The For the People Act” will give the federal government power to determine the processes and procedures of our elections;

–       HR5: “The Equality Act” will give the federal government power to broad scale punish religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses;

–       HR844: “The Pro Act” will give the federal government the power to determine how small businesses across the country can hire workers;

–       And, they are still trying to pass a federal $15 minimum wage mandate that will destroy the economies of small, rural states.

Joe Biden

Friend, forget about how lethal these policies are to our First and Second Amendment rights, our Constitutional conservative beliefs, or our values as proud Texans . . .

Each of these radical pieces of legislation have a common theme: to eliminate State and individual sovereignty and expand the federal government — a direct violation of the Enumerated Powers Clause of the Tenth Amendment.

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