My Longtime Friend Died After Getting 2nd COVID Vaccine Shot

This is harsh, but I’m extremely mad. A friend (fellow Elvis fan) that I’ve known over 40 years died 6 days after taking her 2nd COVID-19 vaccine shot.

When I see dear ones post pictures and overjoyed about having these unproven and experimental vaccines injected into their bodies, I immediately think about Jews lining up to get into boxcarts to the Nazi camps to take “showers” when they were really going into gas chambers.

My friend was healthy. She was only 58 years old and so excited to share her accomplishment of getting her 2nd shot. I shook my head. Why? So you won’t have a less than 1% chance of dying (if for some reason you get it?). That defies logic.

Not only am I sad, but feel guilt that I didn’t do enough to warn her. She read my articles but it wasn’t enough. She’s gone. Forever. Needlessly.

Yesterday a smart man who worked for me at HEB for many years said after reading more about the dangers (including my articles) he and his wife cancelled their vaccine appointments. I was overjoyed. That makes 12 people who told me they are not taking it after reading the articles and some have known friends and family who died after taking them. No not all were elderly.

Quit buying into the media propaganda. The long terms effects of these shots are not likely to be good…and for what? The CDC doesn’t even know if they will “protect” for even a year and they are already saying a 3rd or 4th or annual vaccination will be required.

It messes with your immune system. It puts out proteins that your cells react to. It’s not really a vaccine because it contains nothing from the virus itself. How can you make antibodies against something that is not there.

This hasn’t been out there long enough to know the very potential long term effects, but we are just seeing the numbers of people dying soon after these shots.
No worries, for you skeptics. Big Pharma are already planning on $elling billion$ more for all the ailments you will likely suffer because of these vaccines.

I suppose you believed the fake news Russian Hoax, dossier, Kauvenaugh hearings, impeachment hearing evidence and no voter fraud in swing state cities too.

Again I’m sorry if this offends you, but hearing of these needless deaths is far more offensive, even more so than people bragging and celebrating their shots.

It’s nothing to brag about.

And then, I read this:

11 thoughts on “My Longtime Friend Died After Getting 2nd COVID Vaccine Shot

  1. I took Biology and studied DNA. I know the role of mRNA in DNA replication. The “m” stands for the word ‘messenger.’
    I do NOT understand why people (who have already received both shots) keep asking me if I got my shots yet. If they already got the vaccine (gene therapy) and they are already ‘protected,’ then what I choose to do should make no difference to them.
    Not many people are thinking about possible risks. In my case, I already have 2 autoimmune disorders–and I have read the info on the CDC website. It clearly states:
    “….People with autoimmune conditions may receive an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. However, they should be aware that no data are currently available on the safety of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for them…”,for%20enrollment%20in%20clinical%20trials
    I sincerely hope they never make these shots mandatory.

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  2. Thanks in part to your articles and also our own research, my wife and I decided to NOT get the injections. We have also convinced several friends to also reject being injected. But, so many more of our friends and family are eager to get it and continue to push us into relenting. No chance of that but it is frustrating and angering that so many have fallen for the nonsensical campaign to get inoculated.

    Just today we received an invitation from our local symphony to attend a “socially safe” (whatever that is) concert. It was to be held in a hall normally holding 300- 350 people. The concert would allow up to 50 people to attend…”in order to comply with health guidelines”. Furthermore attendees would be spaced at least 6 feet apart and required to wear a mask at all times when on the premises. Also, it was strongly recommended that attendees wear two (2) masks! These requirements were for all attendees – even those that have “received their Covid Vaccines”. If this doesn’t convince someone that this vaccine program is all BS, nothing will. Oh, in the news today, Pfizer stated that in the near future their vaccines will rise in cost approximately 800% ! Guess who’s going to pay for that?

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    1. Thank you for this. I’m having difficulty not understanding why so many have been so gullible, but as I read more history about socialism, communism, Nazism, etc. It makes sense. Hammer the fright.
      Glad to know you have made your intelligent decision.

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  3. My wife is a nurse working for Scott and White. She was required to take the vaccine. Her first shot made her feel a little punk, and she hasn’t taken the second yet. I am on the fence about taking the shot, and become more skeptical by the day as I read reports like yours. One friend of mine believes that there is a small tracking device in every shot so the government can control us. It sounds far-fetched, but after the year we have had in the Twilight Zone, anything is possible. Keep up the good reporting Jack and Dodie.

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  4. I am so sorry you lost your friend to this mindless idiocy. You have been right out there warning people with facts and figures. People take the road of least resistance so often, out of fear or just because they don’t think things through. I’ve talked to my friends and family, and tell them why I’m not getting this shot, but none of them are convinced;;they are getting it anyway. I’ve sent them your articles. Again, I’m so sorry about your friend, and angry along with you. God help us overcome this evil.

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