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New Polls Reveal Strong Opinions of American Seniors Against Government

American Seniors, age 50 and above, indicate mixed and strong opinions against government and media since the Biden Administration took over in January 2021.

Their highest concerns deal with election integrity, censorship, Biden’s Executive Orders, illegal immigration, securing 1st and 2nd Amendments, healthcare, against globalism, Chinese Communist Party influence, anti-Green Deal and more.

Here’s a look at the latest polls from AMAC, the Association of Mature Americans. Each question is followed by the number of positive votes it received.

Nancy Pelosi wants to create a “9/11-style” independent commission to investigate the January 6th riot at the Capitol. Do you think this is a good idea?

YES, as long as there is no stonewalling on release of details and the public can expeditiously get accurate information, including details of those injured/killed; what D.C. politicians/officials knew of the possibility of violence beforehand; and why the National Guard’s role was limited.

2,207 votes

NO, using the term “9/11-style” only serves to inflame the public and characterize Trump supporters as domestic terrorists; any investigation should have taken place before the 2nd impeachment proceedings.




Democrats are racing to pass H.R. 1 / S. 1, the For the People Act of 2021. This bill equates to a partisan, federal takeover of elections and contains many egregious components including undermining states efforts to clean up their voter rolls, prohibiting states voter ID requirements, virtually eliminating any restrictions on vote-by-mail and severely limiting First Amendment rights of free political speech. How familiar are you with this legislation?

I am aware of this bill.


I’ve heard of this bill, but am not familiar with it.


This is the first I’m hearing of this bill.


One of Joe Biden’s early Executive Orders undoes a Trump Administration order that got rid of 4.3 regulations for every new one created. The Trump order reportedly saved households an average of $3,100 a year.

How do you think Biden’s action will affect the economy?

This will significantly affect the economy. Biden’s action gives regulators free reign to impose any new rule on businesses and households that they choose on anything and everything they do, regardless of the cost.


This will have little effect on the economy and the potential new wave of regulations will lead to income equality, less climate change and better public health.


This will not affect the economy because the safety and health benefits we receive from regulations far outweigh their costs.




Telemedicine is the practice of providing healthcare for patients remotely using technology when physician and patient are not physically present with each other. Which is most accurate?

I have participated in a telemedicine visit, and I would again.


I have participated in a telemedicine visit, but I would prefer not to do it as a rule.


I have not participated in a telemedicine visit, but I am open to it.


I have not participated in a telemedicine visit, and I have no intention or interest in it.


Has your view of President Trump changed since the breach of the U.S. Capitol and subsequent violence that occurred at the Save America Rally on January 6th?

No. This was a peaceful gathering that spiraled out of control when extremists set on destruction incited violence and the riot had nothing to do with the President’s rally speech.


Mixed. I have supported most of the President’s policies and believe, on the whole, he has an excellent legacy. But, the rioting made me step back a bit and take pause.


Yes. I believe the President is responsible for the riot and could have done more to avoid it.


What should be the highest priorities of the legislative agenda for the 117th Congress?

Election integrity


Removing Section 230 legal immunity protection for “Big Tech” to eliminate censorship of conservative voices on social media


Speeding Vaccine Access to those that want it


Infrastructure to fix crumbling roads and bridges nationwide


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  1. Yeah, give it to the ‘Baby Boomers’. So we are the only ones with our marbles still in tact? No say it isn’t so. I happen to think we just have seen more of the government perpetuate it’s nasty-ness so far. This young group are getting their heads wrapped around it. I truly have hopes for them. All we boomers can do is keep up the speak, even if we think it might be useless. Go down with a fight at least.

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  2. The effect of too many rules and regulations does significantly affect the economy!
    Trump did get rid of a lot of regulations that were hampering the economy, and now Biden is bringing many of them back and is adding more.
    Have you read the Department of Energy Order No. 202-2-1 signed on Feb. 14, 2021–specifically for Texas?
    This is a link to the document:

    Here are some of the sentences from Order No. 202-2-1:
    “…numerous generation units will be unable to operate at full capacity without violating Federal air quality or other permit limitations.”
    Oh no.
    IF Texas has to exceed the permit limitations for one week, because of a desperate need for electric power during extremely rare sub-freezing temperatures–
    “…This incremental amount of restricted capacity would be offered at a price no lower than$1,500/MWh.
    (How much?? Sure sounds like price gouging to me!)
    “….This Order does not provide relief from an entity’s obligations to purchase allowances for emissions that occur during the emergency condition or to use other geographic or temporal flexibilities available to generators.”
    I don’t know, but it sounds like we the people (at prices no lower than $1,500/MWh) are going to end up paying a HUGE price due to environmental restrictions. My question is–WHY would the Department of Energy keep environmental restrictions in place, knowing that people could easily freeze to death without power. The sub-freezing weather across Texas was only going to last approximately 5 or 6 days. If restrictions were waived for one week, how much lasting damage would be done to the environment?
    So I don’t really understand all of this. I know that you live in Texas too. Can you explain what just happened?
    Seems to me the Department of Energy could have temporarily waived the environmental restrictions? I hear that people who have ‘variable rate’ plans with their electric company–are now going to get billed for thousands of dollars for a few days of electricity that they might have used during this unusually cold weather (due to the incredibly higher rates).
    Maybe this is what Biden was talking about when he promised everyone that there was going to be a “Dark Winter?”
    In my humble opinion, using the environment as an excuse to price gouge freezing people is NOT OK.


  3. Baby Boomers get it and so do most GenXers like me. However, I’m concerned for the Millennials and the Zoomers, it seems that the Zoomers want Communism the most!

    And, surely Texas doesn’t have to go along with this stupid order! I hope Texas shoves it right up DCs arse!

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