Percentage of Those Not Trusting Experimental Covid Vaccines is Growing, Especially in Military

A new survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation indicates more than half of all Americans will not take Covid-19 vaccination shots. The number of refusals is growing as citizens learn more about the dangers– no thanks to the propaganda and media.

Even the military is having trouble convincing their troops. Base commander Brig. Gen. David Doyle, of Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, Louisiana, is reporting that out of nearly 7,500 soldiers, 60% to 70% of his troops are declining the experimental vaccines.

This is in line with the Army’s 68% rejection rate.

Col. Jody Dugai, commander of the Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital at Fort Polk, said the soldiers “tell me they don’t have high confidence in the vaccine because they believe it was done too quickly.”

Air Force Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro, vice director of operations for the Joint Staff, told Congress on February 17 that their data was “very early” and if they are lucky, maybe up to two-thirds of the service members would accept the vaccine.

Brig. Gen. Edward Bailey, the surgeon for Army Forces Command, admitted in most units not even one-third of the troops would take the vaccine. However, some units are up to 50%. The Forces Command oversees major Army units representing about 750,000 Army, Reserve and National Guard soldiers at 15 bases.

Because the current ‘vaccines’ are designated experimental, it’s not mandated to force military personnel to take it.

A primary concern for military and civilian individuals are the unknowns of current and future pregnancies, premature and sudden deaths, and significant health concerns from the shots.

“We are discovering numerous varieties of side effects,” said an Air Force Veteran, now Civil Service employee in San Antonio, Texas. “My son is in the Army and when troops start seeing and hearing about serious injuries and deaths from people they know, that news spreads fast and has more real life credibility than from something they get from media or speeches.”

2 thoughts on “Percentage of Those Not Trusting Experimental Covid Vaccines is Growing, Especially in Military

  1. So happy to hear our Military is wising up and listening to reason rather than blindly following media and leftist propaganda like sheep to the slaughter. 🇺🇸

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