Over 30 Ways to Use Bandanas In Emergencies

In our bug out bags, we keep assorted bandanas among our emergency gear. One of my favorites is this mammoth one:

Other uses for bandanas include:

  1. Use as a hat or scarf.
  2. Make a protective mask with one of them.
  3. Cold compress (wet one or add ice if available).
  4. Make a splint with a paint stick.
  5. Eye patches.
  6. Make some handcuffs (yes we may need them if we do not have zip ties to protect ourselves).
  7. Patch clothes that have a hole.
  8. Toilet paper if nothing else is available.
  9. Great for straining water or food items.
  10. Cover your eyes to sleep.
  11. Wash your dishes with one.
  12. Dry your dishes with one.
  13. You could gag someone with one if they become hysterical after a disaster (that sounds mean but it may come to this).
  14. Use one to work out with, they make a great sweatband.
  15. For flagging (especially bright red, yellow or orange) alerts, warnings and emergencies.
  16. Use them for a napkin or a plate to hold snacks.
  17. If you do not have anything to start a fire, cut or tear them into strips to make a fire starter (store matches).
  18. Choose one color for your family and wear them on your wrist or neck, depending on the ages involved after a disaster, amusement park, or on a vacation as well.
  19. Tear some into strips to add to your 72-hour bug out bags to tie on branches if you go exploring in the mountains to keep track of where you are.
  20. Awesome dust masks although we prefer N-95’s.
  1. Compression wrap when needed for profuse bleeding.
  2. To camouflage your face. You may need more than one on hand, though. Plus, you can take this strategy one step further by choosing colors which will help you better blend in the environment.
  3. To tie things together. There’s no shortage of knots out there, is there? You will be surprised at how frequently a bandana will come in handy for tying things together.
  4. Use as a first stage water filter by pouring water through the bandana to filter out large debris. You still need to boil the water before drinking, but the bandana will filter out larger particles.
  5. To remove hot pots from open fire. You need something that can hold heat long enough to effectively move hot plates, pots, and other hot materials with no hassle. You may have packed surgical or work gloves but those are useless against high temperatures.
  6. To make a sling.
  7. As a weapon. Just fill with rocks, then tie into a bundle and hit your enemies hard.
  8. As a bib. Easily unfold a bandana to protect your clothing. Simply tuck a portion of the bandana inside your shirt or top if you’re eating on the go or lay it over your lap if you’re sitting down.
  9. As a coffee filter. Who won’t enjoy a cup of coffee post-collapse? Along with alcohol and tobacco, it is going to be one of the most sought-after comfort items.

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