Pence Joining Conservative Youth Group Backfires on GOP Establishment, Scott Walker and Others

Young America’s Foundation’s (YAF) latest news release on Friday appears to have backfired on the group that espouses to introduce “young people to conservative ideas through our campus lectures and initiatives, conferences, and various education resources.”

Former Wisconsin Gov. and presidential candidate Scott Walker first announced on his Facebook page that the YAF “are thrilled to have Mike Pence join the Young America’s Foundation as the Ronald Reagan Scholar. He is a full spectrum conservative who will inspire our students.”

Perhaps Walker used the word “inspire” in place of “indoctrinate.”

Over 900 angry people responded within hours negatively through their comments and unlikes to his post. The outrage is growing.

The response to YAF’s page was no better.

Immediately, hundreds of followers chimed in with fu.


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