Social Media Ridicules Mike Pence as Old GOP Tries to Pump Him Up

When President Donald J. Trump won the nomination, and later the presidency, in 2016, the business-as-usual Republican Party was partially crippled.

They placed Mitch McConnell in as their Legislative Branch leader to help shore up what was left of their RINOS, lobbying interests and scratching each others backs endeavors. Among the best kept secrets of the Deep State was having their White House mole, Mike Pence in position as Vice President.

Despite GOP attempts to keep Pence in the limelight, patriotic Americans of all persuasions haven’t been too kind. Here is a sampling of some of the most popular memes ridiculing him.

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  1. In the Movie Kingpin, a washed up character (Woody Harrelson) by the name of Munson, learns from the Amish Bowler (Randy Quaid) he was training to take the Bowling Title, that Munson’d meant, “to be up the river without a paddle”. Kingpin is a Vulgar Movie (though I like it) and that vulgarity prevents me from linking to the excerpt where he discovers his name means “a Loser”.

    Pence fits right in. He’s the new Kingpin for the term Munson’d, only Pence is a loser on a scale that far exceeds the character in the movie.

    The especially repulsive part is Pence feigns the Christian Lifestyle, and that, to me, is Blasphemy. I’ve written on being a Union Rep, and how one of my peers openly sold out to the company. It was difficult to watch, you couldn’t trust him because things that you said would potentially be given over to the company, and his actions were motivated by company goals and not Union goals, this was a Mini Pence.

    I honestly think that Pence would have turned Christ over to the authorities for the Money Changers incident or supported his prosecution as a Terrorist.

    Mike is so pathetic, that looking now, on a variety of sources, for a funny parody video of Mike, I cannot find anything worth linking to. The material you presented here is great stuff. I did see a video where he was heckled by someone calling him a Traitor, which I believe he is. He said he’s “a Christian, Conservative, and a Republican, in that order” the abuse of the term Christian is repugnant. A Christian would not be Deep State, a Christian would have looked at the election integrity, not merely state that he could not overturn it, they certainly could have stalled awaiting investigation into Election Irregularities. But he took the cowards way, the Deep State Way, and has forever proven he is not suitable to hold office.

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  2. I will not vote in the 2022 midterms or the 2024 election if the GOP backs Pence, Romney, or Cheney. Period. The Democratic Party is evil, but the Republican Party is two-faced. I don’t believe in political parties at all, but, if we are stuck with them, I want a third party that can keep the other two on their toes. I know that Independents are supposed to do that, but they also go whichever way the wind blows. Right now, there are GOP RINOS trying to help the Democrats bring down President Trump, just as there had to be GOP involved in the 2020 voter fraud.

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  3. Well, we don’t know, I guess that’s my point. Anyone can screw up, and his was huge. Look at Peter the disciple. I do think he ought to address his failure publicly, and we can pray that he is delivered from his same-sex desires, and he may need to address that out loud, too. But, in the meantime, ticked off as we are at what he did, it’s good to remember that God can restore anyone. Just a little grace!

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