Catturd + Gab = Hilariously Serious Truth

After being banned by Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for posting CLEVERJOURNEYS articles they didn’t like, I immediately joined Parler, Gab and MeWe. No regrets.

I had over 5,700 FB and Twitter friends/followers, but quickly gained over 12,500 with my three new apps. Although Parler seems to be on temporary hiatus (Big Tech is pressuring to keep them off Internet), CLEVERJOURNEYS continues to gain more readers each day (over 542,000 today).

We thank you!

One of the most pleasant surprises, besides so many FB friends joining us on these apps, is seeing the hilarious Catturd on Gab. If you don’t know Catturd, here’s a sampling of why this Cat has over 237,000 Gab followers:


Recent bans and censorship have caused CLEVERJOURNEYS to abandon Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We can now be seen on Parler ( @Jackdennistexas ), Gab ( Jackdennistexas ) and MeWe ( Jackdennistexas ).

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