Pelosi’s Posse is Near Paranoid About Their Safety Now That America is Learning Truth

Nancy Pelosi and her puppets, including the RINOs who revealed themselves at last week’s impeachment vote are extremely worried about their security.

A record breaking number of National Guard troops and military presence in Washington D.C. proves their near-paranoid fears.

As more Americans are learning the truths of left wingers’ arrests and roles in the Jan. 6 coordinated efforts to implement the civil unrest at the Capitol building, Pelosi’s Posse becomes increasingly frightened.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has beefed up security at all three D.C. regional airports with additional preparations being enacted.

The question for many Americans is simply, WHY?

The overwhelming majority of violence, destruction and injuries the past year came from paid Deep State leftist operatives and their followers. More evidence comes in daily from CREDIBLE news sources, witnesses and leaked law enforcement files that the Jan. 6th Capitol unrest was a planned act of such operatives.

Now we know from his own brother that the left wing radical, John Sullivan, who scammed with CNN at the Capitol on Jan. 6 riot, is the same Deep State paid activist based out of Utah.

Four months ago in August 2020, Sullivan was the insurgent who pointed to the White House during protest screaming with violent rhetoric: 

“We … about to burn this s— down,” he screeched. “We gotta … rip Trump right out of that office right there,” he continued, adding “We ain’t about … waiting until the next election.” He then led the crowd in a chant of “It’s time for revolution.”

Now we know that 99.98% of the 250,000 Patriotic Americans who were there to support President Trump and Make America Great Again efforts were peaceful.

100% of Pelosi’s Posse were liars.

We also know that mainstream media coordinated with Deep State to immediately release their planned narrative that it was Trump’s fault for the violence that Pelosi’s Posse were involved in.

A few news organizations, such as PBS, jumped the gun and released their accusations against Trump BEFORE the president even arrived to speak.

Over 75 million Americans know this Inaguration is a sham…and a shame.

During Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle” on Friday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) insisted that there was not enough security during last week’s Capitol riot even though the police chief had been turned down six times asking for help in days prior.

“Now we’re going to become a militarized zone.” Paul said that the U.S. will have to “resist” the rapid loss of civil liberties during a crisis.

“…you know government. They either underreact or overreact,” Paul said. “So, I think there was too little security obviously last week, and now we’re going to become a militarized zone.”

Rand Paul

“And they’re checking congressmen as they come in to see if they have a sharp pencil or a sharp pen. So, it’s gotten ridiculous. And so, we’ll see what happens, and whether it’s permanent.”

“But most people who write about civil liberties say that in times of war, or in times of stress, or in times of crisis, you lose your civil liberties very quickly. But it’s very difficult to get them back. Because government, once it grows large, never wants to give up on this.”

“But yes, we have to resist this. And we have to have security, obviously. But I think living in a wartime state with…we have troops in the Capitol. They’re staying in the Capitol. They’re platooning and camping in the Capitol.”

“So, I understand, that last week, we weren’t prepared and that was a real problem, and I regret everything that happened last week with that. But going forward, this week, I think we — there’s a danger of overreacting.”


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9 thoughts on “Pelosi’s Posse is Near Paranoid About Their Safety Now That America is Learning Truth

  1. I saw some photographs of DC yesterday. Large walls with barbed wire on top and military with long guns everywhere. I thought the Democrats were all against walls and guns? Yep. The Democrats said walls don’t work and they want to tear down the southern border wall that Trump built between Mexico and the U.S. They also want to take away guns and the 2nd amendment rights from the people (supposedly to keep us safe). Interesting.
    How interesting that the first thing Pelosi and the Democrats turn to when they are afraid….are walls and guns.

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  2. We need to Attack the Demorats with a stronger force, an never give our freedoms away, way up people, we can still, move with miscellaneous seals of power, an talismans of the constitution, people for freedoms, an power of truth….

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  3. We should also finally realize the covid threat was simply to reign us in like sheep. It’s time we turn into lions and burn these stupid masks. Virus was a dangerous flu with a survival rate of over 99%. OPEN UP AMERICA; SAVE OUR COUNTRY!! Get rid of the traitors.

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  4. Washington looks a little different now that the people are pissed and coming after them. Pelosi and the others should be afraid. ” Oh officer, could you tell those noisy people outside to go away.”

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