Allen West Answers ‘What Should We Do Now?’

Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West discusses the upcoming GOP strategy in the Lone Star State:

“The real issue from the 2020 election cycle has less to do with mythical beasts — like the Kracken — and, more with the understanding as to how the left enveloped Republican State legislatures.

The left targeted and encircled key Republican State legislatures in places like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona, among others, and changed election law by way of governors, secretaries of state, and judicial activism. They relied on the belief that these State legislatures would be slow, or even reticent, to respond. They implemented such unconstitutional actions such as universal mail-in ballots and changing ballot signature verification standards.

Governors enacted emergency declarations to deal with a “pandemic” that has a 99.96 percent recovery rate. These executives made us believe that this “pandemic” suspended the rule of law, election law. As well, the left has been incredibly effective in preventing the review of voter rolls in states all over the country.

State legislatures need to reaffirm their enumerated legislative powers and erase dictates that say only a governor can call them back into session.

They need to refine the meaning of an emergency.

Election Integrity

The number one Legislative Priority for the Republican Party of Texas is Election Integrity.

We need to tighten up our election laws, enforce voter registration roll reviews, disallow the registration and voting of illegal immigrants, ban the use of universal mail-in balloting — which is not the same as absentee ballots — and reduce the time for “early voting.” Heck, we even had the County Clerk in Harris County expand “curbside” voting into heavily Democrat precincts. But, not only here in Texas, this has to be a priority for Republican-held State legislatures across the nation. There was a reason why Eric Holder was targeting state legislatures.

Lastly, there have to be real penalties for enacting voter fraud and conducting illegal voting activities. It becomes rather Pavlovian if there are not.

Municipal Elections Focus

Next, on the first Tuesday in May of 2021, we will have municipal level elections in Texas. Let’s be honest, these elections are not “non-partisan.”

We must focus on winning elections for City Council, School Board, County Commissioner, County Clerk, heck, Water Management District elections. If we want better election activities in our respective counties, that means controlling more county commissions in the state of Texas.

I know, everyone says that it is too hard. Do you want to know what is hard? Try changing the engine out of a US Army M1 Abrams tank in the middle of winter in South Korea. I watched that back in 1995. Getting off your keister and finding good quality candidates that can run in local elections, where often the turnout is less than 10 percent ain’t hard . . . but it is vital.

I want you to think about who is making the decisions about elections at the local level, yet another way leftists have penetrated and infiltrated our cities, schools, and county-level administrations.”



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  1. I respect Allen West and always have. I do think he has brought to the table something that has been a long time needed. We The People need to know that who and what we ‘elect’ is true Constitution. Maybe West can find enough states men/women to join this effort….before it’s not enough to save what is left of the Constitution. I know God is still in control of the rightous with his armour. Keeping my faith in it. That’s all I got!

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  2. On the money Col West as always!! While the Dominion voting machines are suspect as Hades and most likely greatly attributed to this last election debacle, most republican state legislators just conceded their authority and responsibility causing election fraud situations that would have sunk the ship without a single automatic voting machine by dominion or any other company.
    THANK YOU COL WEST AND TEXAS for standing up AHEAD OF THE ELECTION or Texas would most likely been among the suspect well. Past generations have sacrificed too many lives and blood for us to be to lose this republic because we are too inconvenienced to sacrifice our time binge watching TV and playing on smart phone apps.
    Here’s one “Reporting for duty Col”

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