American Patriots Tell Socialist Mayor, Judge ‘Go to Hell’ at Alamo During Curfew

When the left wing socialist mayor and cohort county judge in San Antonio slapped a curfew down on their constituents recently, a healthy size group of true peaceful protestors did what patriotic Texans do.

In the tradition of historical American hero Davy Crockett, they gathered in front of the Alamo and told mayor Ron Nirenberg and judge Nelson Wolff to “go to hell.”

“Mayor Nirenberg, it’s 11 p.m., we are outdoors doing a social gathering. I want you personally to come out here and fine me my $1,000, because guess what? I’m not even paying it anyway,” one of the patriots yelled.

Nirenberg, famous for his first significant act as mayor of spending $17,000 in taxpayer monies for new curtains in his office, announced there would be a curfew over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The evening before Thanksgiving, Nirenberg, who gets off to stepping in line with other socialists in corrupt Democratic controlled cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles,  proclaimed the curfew would be Thanksgiving through Monday, November 30th from 10 p.m. through 5 a.m.

Johnny Medina, a lifetime Southside resident and truck driver laughed, “Does this mean the Chinese virus suddenly becomes more dangerous at 10:01 p.m? This is crazy.”

“Closing an entire city down at 10 p.m. is not going to do anything,” Byron Williams, who lives in the east side near the AT&T Center agreed.

“This is just more of the same to control our minds and motions into compliance,” Williams, who is a server downtown (“when we can lawfully be allowed to be open”), continued. “This is crazy. I can’t feed my family if I’m not allowed to work. They are wanting to control us by forcing us to depend on them.”

“On top of that this city council is so against our police department and talking about defunding and sh!t like that,” Williams said. “Listen, I’m a Black man and we need our police, but we don’t need these damn politicians taking their orders from Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden communists here in San Antonio. This is Texas, not California.”

The peaceful protests continued for three nights, usually lasting until midnight. The gatherings were composed of many patriotic citizens from all walks of life. Some have participated in organized social events such as Blue Santa (Christmas gifts for disadvantaged children in support of the San Antonio Police Department), Alamo City Trump Train and San Antonio Food Bank.

“They want us to get used to having our freedoms taken away,” Lucy Chavez, who lives in Monte Vista, north of downtown said.

Jody Newman, the owner of a popular food and beverage gathering called The Friendly Spot, bordering just south of downtown told local news, “We have had eight months of closures and reductions and reduced revenue. Our staff has been through a lot. Owners and operators have been through a lot.”

“According to Mayor Nirenberg, this curfew includes residents limiting social gatherings even outside backyard homes. However, this does not mean residents could not get meals delivered or curbside and takeout services during this curfew but are encouraging restaurant owners to limit dining in entirely until the curfew ends and move instead to curbside or takeout options,” local News4SA reported.

“These are uncertain times, people have been saying for a long time, but of this I am certain: the sun also rises and so shall San Antonio,” Mayor Nirenberg said.

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  1. Jack,
    I’m pretty sure the intention is indeed to get us folk used to have our rights infringed, so that it can happen more and more often without our protest. These folk who braved the cold and fines demonstrated that some of us do not plan on “getting used to it.” The “mask doctrine” is one way (I believe) that the progressives, globalists, communists etc., want us to become faceless. It is a subtle way of removing individual identity. I don’t think will work well in Texas, but perhaps in other populations. A way to get us used to “the new normal.” I’m afraid that I’m going to be one of the many non-normals.

    With a few exceptions, there are not many states that will try very hard to maintain our freedoms as we do in Texas. Some will cave in more slowly than others. A few (California, Colorado, Utah) appear to already have caved in. And then there are the cities, the big five in Texas appear to have caved in major or minor ways. Perhaps not as far as Detroit, Atlanta, New York, or San Francisco, but getting closer by the day. The frightening thing is, I’m not sure they are recoverable. Pan y Circos appear to be winning over our definition of liberty. Maybe make it Tacos and Fiestas. Regardless, at some point in the next 10-15 years, it will look more and more like 1860. And that just absolutely terrifies me.

    I’ve lived through and right after some of the most brutal civil wars in recent history. I wonder if there are old pictures of Sarajevo in 1994. Perhaps we should distribute those. Or have folks look up the definition of “Sarajevo Roses”. I don’t ever want to see similar “San Antonio Roses.” Or, us old folks remember the Sarajevo Olympic Village from the 1967 Olympics in Sarajevo. They should see it now, it became a battle ground filled with land mines. Also,many remember the beautiful ice skating rink built above Old Town. It is now a cemetery filled with thousands and thousands of graves for those killed during the civil war. (

    No, I pray that we can fix our nation become it comes to this.

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