Trump Legal Team on ‘Warp Speed’ for Election Fraud Fight

The Trump Legal Team is on their own Operation Warp Speed track, with little time for “delicate balance” considerations or “justice has no timetable” vacillation.

Why are the democrats always defending that which is illegal?

Are Americans “cold anger” about to go hot?

During Rudy Giuliani’s press conference last week, he didn’t stutter when he said, “I have the evidence.”

By now we realize millions of Americans are believing a peaceful resolution to this massive fraud is just wishful thinking.

President Donald J. Trump’s attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, Lin Wood tells us:

“Listen to President Trump, listen VERY CAREFULLY to President Trump”.

President Trump has asked us to stand up to the fraud and knows we can be as demanding and determined as warriors.

What do American warriors do? They remove and defeat enemies.

Who are the enemies? Lying Media. Corrupt politicians. Deep State operatives. Foreign adversaries. Globalist socialists.

Americans are ready to fight this through and realize these “enemies” didn’t count on President Trump’s landslide being so epic. This forced them into massive and sudden sloppiness that millions witnessed.

In their panic, operatives (likely including the software companies) instigated getting observers out of the polling locations and ceasing ballot counting in at least six states, with early a.m. Biden ballot dumps.

Mainstream media is dying.

They didn’t have the time to worry that their planned covertness was targeted for only select historically corrupt Democratic controlled counties in swing states. Sloppy indeed.

We can stop the steal.

Conservative groups, intent on keeping the Republican majority in the US Senate, have inacted a strong ground strategy. They are making 1,000,000 phone calls, sending 500,000 texts, and knocking on 500,000 doors in Georgia.

“We have the infrastructure in place to make sure the Conservative agenda wins on January 5th,” in Georgia, indicates Heritage Action for America.

Trump campaign lawyers are focusing on two things:

1) violations regarding mail-in ballots. These seem to be easier to prove in court.

2) electronic manipulation of voting machines. This relies more on sophisticated mathematical analysis.

The Truman Black approach, currently being used by thousands around the world shows exactly how many votes were electronically flipped, and gives an easy way to correct the tallies without even bothering with a recount.

This approach, combined with the evidence of the “Antrim event” gives a vital piece of forensic information: the vote flips were occuring in county level tallies not precinct level.

Reliable friends in journalism are hearing (and surmising) that the Democrats decided that Fox News should be the first outlet to call Arizona so soon on Election Night so it would be more believable with the steal.

Even after that tactic backfired, they began reporting that recounts in Georgia were indicating there were
no changes or minor shifts in what the ballots were showing.

They quickly reported the differences were minor, fewer than five votes in some instances. Initially, Fox deliberately reported four counties that had finished their retallies saw no changes.

They continued the same line of reporting without mentioning the
obvious point was the first 48 counties to be recounted were rural Republican counties. Naturally those counties were not going to change. The corruption was taking place in the large Democratic counties with leftist political machines running the elections.

The focus should have been on Fulton, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties. This gave Democratic operatives more time to “fix” the inevitable problems they were facing. 

The Trump Legal team is wise to this in two ways:

1.) They are setting up for federal court and hopefully to the Supreme Court with these lower court rulings, Georgia state leadership actions, and possible additional attempts by Democrats to manipulate recounting results.

2) Unfortunately for Democrats, people from across the globe now have the state by state time series tally data provided by Edison research.

As more claims roll in showing final Georgia tallies matches are wrong, Democrats have to come up with a  plausible explanation for the vote flipping that occurred in the computer tally data.

The only reasonable explanation is  massive fraud! If they claim their recount matches the previous computer tally, then they just prove themselves corrupt.

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