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Why Is Arizona House Speaker Against Election Officials Abiding By Law?

Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers called State Representative Bret Roberts into his office Monday after learning of a formal letter planned to be sent to state election officials.

Rusty Bowers.

Bowers informed Roberts he was opposed to the letter, signed by 15 representatives, and wanted him not to release it.

Instead, not only did Roberts send the letter to Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and the County Board of Supervisors, he released a copy publically for constituents in Maricopa County (Phoenix) to see.

President Trump with Senator Martha McSally during Arizona rally.

In a tweet, Roberts began, “Friends. I wrote the letter calling on elections officials to abide by state law and do a proper hand count because protecting the integrity of our elections is necessary to preserve our Republic. I also believe that we need to ensure that every legal vote is counted.”

“On Monday, Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers called me into his office and made it very clear he was opposed to me releasing my letter calling on election officials to abide by existing state law in conducting a hand count of the ballots.”

“I am not sure what the Speaker’s motives are, but it was disappointing that the Speaker would try and stop our effort to protect the integrity of our elections.”

“It is important to remember we are a nation of laws, not men. We cannot ignore state law because it is easy or convenient. I will continue to do everything I can to protect the integrity of our elections, and I hope you will too.”

“This is something we should all fight for regardless of party affiliation.”

“Earlier this week, I learned there are some Republican elected officials who may not share that view.”

The 15 representatives are demanding that Maricopa County officials “immediately begin the process of hand counting and auditing each and every vote received by the County.”

Troubles in Arizona began on Election Night when Fox News prematurely called the state race for Joe Biden while voters were still in line to cast ballots. The following day Brnovich admitted his office had received hundreds of complaints by voters, including the use of Sharpies that were handed to them to fill in their ballot in Maricopa County.

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