23,000 Ballots Delivered to Philadelphia BEFORE They Were Even Postmarked for Mailing

“Let me ask you this. Which of these two things is more concerning to you?

– A candidate that is pursuing legal, Constitutional avenues of review….. or

– A candidate being chosen, affirmed, and certified by the media?

Because the media isn’t reporting on what’s happening, they are trying to conclude what’s happening. They’re not telling you the story. They’re trying to write the ending of the story. And the more they do that the harder it might be for anyone who might have any legitimate reason to even question it….”

– Jack Riccardi

Don’t roll over America. Seek the truth from sources away from those that have been lying to you. Here’s news they are not reporting:

An on the ground friend (one in Philly and one in Georgia, BTW) working for Team Trump informed me they are working on new information in Philadelphia of how Democratic operatives destroyed ballot envelopes rendering it virtually impossible to identify many ballots arriving post election. 

A second sworn affidavit from a whistleblower who was an election worker in Clark County, Nevada, claims mail-in ballots were improperly filled out in a Biden-Harris van outside a polling place.

Six Wisconsin counties had higher votes for Joe Biden than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did in past elections.

In Georgia, over 27,000 ballots came in from people over the age of 90. There were 1,000+ over age of 100, and 528 over age of 105.

Obama lost over 3.5 million votes in his re-election. President Donald Trump gained 10 million.

Also in Pennsylvania, over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were  mailed  out.  What’s the odds of that many envelopes being delivered that fast by USPS? Personally, I haven’t seen that happen in many years, and when I did, it was a rare occasion.

Almost 35,000 ballots were returned on the same day they  were mailed out.

Another 23,000 have a return date earlier than the mailed date. How did they receive the ballot before it was even mailed?

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