Labor Day 2020 Shatters Historical Records of Grassroots Support for a President

Labor Day 2020 weekend shattered mainstream media propaganda, defied socialist liberal talking points and broke historical records as thousands of cities, towns and communities held pro-election marches for President Donald J. Trump.

Liberal controlling mayors and Nancy Pelosi congressional puppets couldn’t stop the growing grassroots phenomenon spreading across America.

Parades and caravans in lakes, bays, rivers and intercoastal waterways have popped up throughout the United States. Along with literally hundreds of highways, city loops, rural roads and Main Street parades, thousands of Americans are uniting in their support of a sitting president the likes of never seen in history.

Busting paradigms, billboard advertising companies are reporting monumental requests for Trump signs.

“What is so unique is that these contracts are being purchased from individuals or groups of individuals and not necessarily from political campaign parties,” said Jason Laugflin of Skyboard Advertising in Texas. “We’ve never seen anything like it. We are subcontractors for big ad firms and billboards and they all say they are experiencing this too.”

Dubbed “Trumptillas,” America’s waterways, lakes and bays were filled with boat parades on Saturday. They have exploded around the country over the last few months as a way to rally for the president’s 2020 campaign.

“It’s our way of shoving it to the media and socialist leaning mayors who have been doing everything they can to keep us obedient and quiet with their pandemic orders,” said Tony Alaverez, who participated in a Medina Lake parade in Texas a month ago. “We can practice social distancing out here and there’s nothing that mayor (Ron Nirenberg of San Antonio) can do about it. Maybe he acts like it, but he can’t walk on water.”   

Parades for President Trump are not limited to waterways and boats. At Florida’s Lake Sumner Landing over 650 golf carts were used by over 1,200 participants in the “Villagers for Trump Parade.” Thousands more cheered them on.

“Liberals riot, loot and destroy things,” said Roy Madison. “Trump supporters unite to back our police, military, farmers, and all that is good for Americans of every race, creed and sex. We build, not destroy.”

Over 42 states reported grassroots events on September 5th known as “Trump Train,” “Rolling Flags” and “Trump2020” parades.

Many motorcycle clubs held biker runs or united with local and regional events in many states.

Many of these convoys, deemed “Maga Drag The Interstate Trump 2020 Keep America Great,”  “celebrated our amazing country, its hard-won history, our veterans, and those still fighting to defend our freedom today!”

“They will circle their highways and byways, ending at their capital cities in a glorious flurry of red, white, and blue–and a heap of old-fashioned American patriotism,” organizers said.

“We are a grassroots assemblage of patriots from across the United States who are tried of seeing our country slandered by radicals and are ready to take it back,” their social media information stated.

“We are patriots. We honor, God, Country, Family, and the Flag. We stand ready to defend all lives and uphold the relentless pursuit of Liberty and Freedom. We are The People.”

“We decorate our cars with flags and signage and organize into peaceful and spirited rolling flag parades that blanket the country with hope, a spirit of patriotism, and a reminder that we are more united than divided.”

“Our rolling flag parades are a fun and positive reminder than traditional American values matter. It’s time to take a stand and take our country back!”

“This is truly a grassroots effort for all Americans,” Tina Cortez explained. “We have people from the WalkAway movement, leaving the Democratic Party to join us–all races–to make America great again.”

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  1. So impossible to not love President Trump’s supporters! (Unless you’re a hate-filled Democrap). We have so much love, so many plans, and the power of prayer for God’s works in and for us to get to! I’m so excited!!!

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